Resume Synonyms for Spearhead

Want another word for Spearhead to use on your resume? Our team's compiled the most effective action verbs and synonyms you can use instead of the overused resume phrase, "Spearhead".

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Spearheading a project is an action that shows leadership, drive, and ambition. It means you're the one who takes charge of a situation and makes it happen—even if that means taking on extra responsibility or doing things differently from how they've always been done.

If you're looking for a way to show that you're a leader, 'spearhead' is one of the best ways to do it. It's a great accomplishment, but it's not the only one you have to offer. If you use 'spearhead' multiple times in your resume, you're likely to come across as unoriginal and unable to think of anything original to say about yourself. Also, when describing past accomplishments, use the past tense of the verb ('spearheaded').

To avoid this problem, try using synonyms like conducted or navigated instead. You can also try replacing 'spearhead' with other achievements more specific to your field—for example, you might want to replace 'spearheaded' with 'presided' or 'enforced.'

Being consistent and professional is essential, but using synonyms can help you sound more dynamic and skilled. Even if you're describing a similar idea or task, try to find new ways to describe it so that your words don't sound repetitive.

I've compiled some synonyms you can use instead of Spearhead on your resume, followed by real examples I've written for clients (feel free to use them!).

Resume Synonyms for Spearhead:

  • Accelerated
  • Assumed
  • Chaired
  • Conducted
  • Elected
  • Founded
  • Originated
  • Pioneered
  • Transformed
  • Drove
  • Enforced
  • Instructed
  • Mentored
  • Moderated
  • Overhauled
  • Presided
  • Sculpted
  • Nurtured
  • Coached
  • Navigated

How to replace Spearhead with a stronger action verb:

Let's look at examples of how you can remove and replace the overused phrase, Spearhead, with a stronger synonym and alternative that is more effective at highlighting your achievements.

Before: Weak example using Spearhead

Spearhead the launch of a new message notification system to increase efficiency

After: Using a stronger synonymInitiated a new WhatsApp-message prescription notification system, slashed the waiting time, and improved patient satisfaction by 80%. .

Replacing Spearhead with Architected

Before: Spearhead

Spearheaded the design of a new web interface

After: ArchitectedArchitected a user-friendly web interface that increased page views by 60% in under two months.

As a hiring manager, shifting from the overused 'spearheaded' to 'architected' provides a clearer understanding of the candidate's role. Also, incorporating quantitative impact lifts the credibility and offers insightful information about the candidate’s accomplishment.

Tip: I've prepared a ton of additional examples for you to give you inspiration. Please click on any of the following to expand and see real examples of how I've rewritten client bullet points.

How to use these synonyms in practice

We've put together an infographic to give you more examples of how to put this into practice. Note the use of strong action verbs instead of words like Spearhead.

More resume bullet point samples that use strong synonyms

How to use Led on a resume:

Led the transition to a paperless practice by implementing an electronic booking system and a faster, safer and more accurate business system. Reduced costs of labor by 30% and office overhead by 10%..

How to use Promoted on a resume:

Promoted within 12 months due to strong performance and organizational impact - ahead of schedule by 12 months.

How to use Conducted on a resume:

Conducted the due diligence of three retailers for a private equity investor with potential EBITDA impact of $200MM+ by 2020; developed customer acquisition strategy across channels.

How to use Produced on a resume:

Produced comprehensive pitch decks, used for internal research and external marketing, on 1) an Indian real estate investment with a $4.5B market cap and 2) telecommunications in emerging markets.

How to use Interviewed on a resume:

Interviewed future end users in London and New York daily to identify and analyse the inefficiencies in the existing manual process of bulk updating customer details.

How to use Spearheaded on a resume:

Spearheaded redevelopment of internal tracking system in use by 125 employees, resulting in 20+ new features, reduction of 20% in save/load time and 15% operation time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for Spearhead on a resume?

You should vary up your language on your resume, instead of using Spearhead over and over again. Good synonyms to use instead include:

  • Overhauled
  • Mentored
  • Drove
  • Chaired
  • Coached
  • Assumed

What can I say instead of Spearhead on a resume?

Words like Spearhead are overused on resumes. Instead, you should use other phrases like Chaired, Conducted, Moderated, Pioneered, Accelerated or Originated.

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