Resume Synonyms for Seeking

Want another word for Seeking to use on your resume? Our team's compiled the most effective action verbs and synonyms you can use instead of the overused resume phrase, "Seeking".

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Candidates who use the verb 'seeking' show a desire for growth, which is always attractive to hiring managers. They also offer a willingness to work hard to achieve their goals and indicate they're proactive and open to opportunities.

But, when writing resumes, you should avoid repeatedly using the word 'seeking' on your resume. Otherwise, it will make your resume seem like a list of things that need to be done. Instead of giving a list of duties performed, use synonyms so that it reads more like a story about what you have been doing. In addition, try using past tense verbs ('sought') instead of present tense verbs when describing responsibilities or tasks that have been completed in the past.

Words to use on resume instead of 'seeking' include achieved, gathered, investigated, researched, collected, and determined. These synonyms will help you to convey a higher level of expertise than simply saying 'seeking.'

Using synonyms helps emphasize key points on your resume by using more specific language when appropriate. The more tailor-made your resume is the better your chance of landing an interview.

I've compiled some synonyms you can use instead of Seeking on your resume, followed by real examples I've written for clients (feel free to use them!).

Resume Synonyms for Seeking:

  • Collected
  • Arranged
  • Gathered
  • Detected
  • Uncovered
  • Achieved
  • Analyzed
  • Determined
  • Diagnosed
  • Evaluated
  • Examined
  • Discovered
  • Experimented
  • Explored
  • Identified
  • Investigated
  • Measured
  • Researched
  • Solved
  • Scrutinized

How to replace Seeking with a stronger action verb:

Let's look at examples of how you can remove and replace the overused phrase, Seeking, with a stronger synonym and alternative that is more effective at highlighting your achievements.

Before: Weak example using Seeking

Seeking a high impact role where I can use my experience introducing new systems to increase efficiency

After: Using a stronger synonymIntroduced a new invoicing system that reduced month-end turnaround time by 15%. .

Replacing Seeking with Managed

Before: Seeking

Seeking a leadership role where I can use my project management skills

After: ManagedManaged a team of 10 designers and developers to create and launch a mobile app, which increased customer engagement by 60% within 3 months.

As a recruiter, it's more impactful to see leadership and results quantified. By using 'Managed', it clearly states the leadership role and the achievement makes it impressive.

Tip: I've prepared a ton of additional examples for you to give you inspiration. Please click on any of the following to expand and see real examples of how I've rewritten client bullet points.

How to use these synonyms in practice

We've put together an infographic to give you more examples of how to put this into practice. Note the use of strong action verbs instead of words like Seeking.

More resume bullet point samples that use strong synonyms

How to use Created on a resume:

Created a performance reporting template, achieving an 80% reduction in the preparation time of standard client materials.

How to use Led on a resume:

Led 2 business analysts to automate repetitive process flows using Excel Macros / VBA and reduce analysis time by 10+ hours per week.

How to use Interviewed on a resume:

Interviewed future end users in London and New York daily to identify and analyse the inefficiencies in the existing manual process of bulk updating customer details.

How to use Reduced on a resume:

Reduced time to render the video by 75% by implementing prediction algorithm and delayed graphics.

How to use Evaluated on a resume:

Evaluated acquisition opportunities for a German reinsurer. Performed accretion and dilution analyses, conducted market research to gauge the viability and long term prospects of target's businesses.

How to use Overhauled on a resume:

Overhauled the obsolete legacy source code of two production applications, resulting in increased usability and reduced run time performance by 50%.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for Seeking on a resume?

Generic language like Seeking are considered to be buzzwords because they're used so often. Consider using synonyms like Detected, Investigated, Scrutinized, Gathered, Explored or Arranged.

What is a better word for Seeking on a resume?

Generic language like Seeking are considered to be buzzwords because they're used so often. Consider using synonyms like Achieved, Examined, Analyzed, Scrutinized, Investigated or Experimented.

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