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Want another word for Followed to use on your resume? Our team's compiled the most effective action verbs and synonyms you can use instead of the overused resume phrase, "Followed".

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The verb 'followed' show that you have been following a particular plan or carrying out a specific project. It also indicates that you are able to work independently and make decisions on your own—which is crucial for any position where you will need to do so.

Still, the word 'followed' is a weak verb that doesn't convey power and decisiveness. Weak verbs typically describe an action without a clear focus on what you accomplished. The use of weak verbs in a resume dilutes the impact of your work and makes it sound as if you are not qualified for the job.

The solution is to use an action verb that specifies what you did. For example, instead of writing 'followed,' write pursued, succeeded, or supervened. These words tell the recruiter reading your resume what you actually did and give them context on what role you had in the company.

Power verbs make your resume sound more powerful and professional than using weak verbs. They help make your accomplishments look more impressive and show your potential employer that you have the ability to lead others, make decisions, and create new things in order to solve problems.

I've compiled some synonyms you can use instead of Followed on your resume, followed by real examples I've written for clients (feel free to use them!).

Resume Synonyms for Followed:

  • Replaced
  • Supervened
  • Succeeded
  • Superseded
  • Pursued
  • Traced
  • Tracked
  • Conformed
  • Complied
  • Displaced
  • Ensued
  • Adhered
  • Acceded
  • Assented
  • Obtained
  • Continued
  • Proceeded

How to replace Followed with a stronger action verb:

Let's look at examples of how you can remove and replace the overused phrase, Followed, with a stronger synonym and alternative that is more effective at highlighting your achievements.

Before: Weak example using Followed

Followed and tracked the performance of key clients

After: Using a stronger synonymManaged a portfolio of 36+ key customers, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, with budgets ranging from $20K+ per week..

Replacing Followed with Preserved

Before: Followed

Followed company guidelines for sales

After: PreservedPreserved brand authenticity by adhering to company sales guidelines, driving a 18% increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To make this bullet point more impressive, I placed emphasis on how the candidate preserved the company's brand. I also added specific metrics to highlight their impact on customer satisfaction.

Tip: I've prepared a ton of additional examples for you to give you inspiration. Please click on any of the following to expand and see real examples of how I've rewritten client bullet points.

How to use these synonyms in practice

We've put together an infographic to give you more examples of how to put this into practice. Note the use of strong action verbs instead of words like Followed.

More resume bullet point samples that use strong synonyms

How to use Analyzed on a resume:

Analyzed brand's pricing, advertising and distribution data and identified seasonal trends and white space by integrating consumer insights; recommended strategic changes in portfolio and marketing plan to C-suite executives, reversing sales slump (+6.5%).

How to use Created on a resume:

Created a DCF valuation model to analyze a potential IPO of a major technology startup in New York.

How to use Led on a resume:

Led team of six analysts towards saving client 10MM USD; acted as Engagement Manager by managing relationships with senior client stakeholders.

How to use Handpicked on a resume:

Handpicked by global head of operations from among 50+ senior associates to lead first-ever strategic alliance project with Company in Hong Kong.

How to use Produced on a resume:

Produced comprehensive pitch decks, used for internal research and external marketing, on 1) an Indian real estate investment with a $4.5B market cap and 2) telecommunications in emerging markets.

How to use Developed on a resume:

Developed an iPhone app to help medical professionals measure the insulin needs of patients with diabetes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for Followed on a resume?

Instead of passive phrases like Followed, use other words like Conformed, Pursued, Adhered, Displaced, Assented or Replaced. Using these verbs will help your accomplishments and bullet points stand out on your resume.

What is a better way of saying Followed on a resume?

You can say Superseded, Complied or Supervened instead of Followed.

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