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2 UX Researcher Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

UX research plays a huge role in product development. The end goal of a UX researcher is to contribute to the product development process so that users interact better with the platform or product. To become a UX researcher, you should ideally have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Marketing, Graphic Design, or Computer Science. If this is your case and you’ve started your job hunt, you might want to consider reading this guide. We’ll show you some tips to improve your resume and your chances of getting a job as a UX researcher.

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UX research is moderating quantitative and qualitative studies to evaluate how users interact with a particular product or service. This research will result in actionable insights companies can use for product improvement. It can save them a lot of money by preventing failures and accurately determining the target audience. 

A UX researcher is responsible for moderating this research. Some of their responsibilities include conducting surveys, interviews, usability tests, remote research, etc. Yet, you should know that UX research covers a broad spectrum, meaning that your responsibilities might be highly related to your work field. Some UX researchers work on marketing to improve the performance of marketing campaigns, others work on product development, which can include physical and digital products such as software or websites. 

If you want to optimize your resume, it is a good idea to demonstrate your area of expertise within the UX research field. Additionally, you should also consider including relevant keywords that help you get past ATS filters. 

If you want to know additional tips for improving your resume, take a look below. We’ve included two resume templates based on your level of experience and expert tips that will help you craft the ideal UX resume for your job hunt.

Template 2 of 2: Entry-Level UX Researcher Resume Example

An entry-level UX researcher assists the user experience team by implementing analysis techniques to discover interesting insights. As an entry-level UX researcher, you might be under the supervision of more experienced colleagues. That’s why it is essential to indicate your reporting skills. You must illustrate your discoveries through data visualization techniques or reports.

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An entry-level UX researcher resume template including volunteering experience.

Tips to help you write your Entry-Level UX Researcher resume in 2024

Skills you can include on your Entry-Level UX Researcher resume

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