5 UX Designer Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2021

With a global boom in demand for UX professionals, there’s never been a better time to apply for UX design roles. This guide will walk you through how to write an effective UX designer resume, including essential skills and templates you can use as examples.

Author: Resume Worded Editorial Team
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UX (user experience) design is all about controlling how users interact with digital products and services. Most often, this means things like websites and mobile apps, but UX design is used in everything that has a digital interface, including next-generation smart appliances. In 2021, with the rise of ecommerce and increasing demand for online capability, UX designers can expect to focus on building remote collaboration software, personalizing user experiences, simplifying micro-interactions, and moving into the realm of augmented reality.

A recent report from LinkedIn named UX design as one of the top 5 in-demand hard skills. While salaries vary according to years of experience, company, and location, the median salary for UX designers in the U.S. is between $85,000-$100,000, while entry-level UX designers can expect to earn upwards of $75,000. The good news is, you don’t need a specific background to become a UX designer — by learning key UX principles, completing a few projects or short online courses, and building a portfolio, you’ll be well-placed to land a position.

UX Designer Resume Templates

Entry Level UX Designer Resume Sample

UX (user experience) design is an emerging industry that relies more heavily on demonstrable skills than extensive experience, so entry level UX designers are very much in demand. Highlighting your UX design experience through projects, internships, and formal certifications is key to landing an entry level UX design role.

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