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5 Bookkeeper Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2023

The bookkeeping field is wide open for those with a knack for numbers and a desire to help companies keep an accurate perspective of their finances. Learn how to make your bookkeeper resume stand out as we review four templates for bookkeepers from a variety of backgrounds and delve into key tips to keep in mind.

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Author: Kyle Harrison
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For companies of any size, the ability to keep track of incoming and outgoing funds is critical for operating successfully. Bookkeepers, who are typically charged with keeping an accurate record of all financial transactions, are essential for that to take place.

Bookkeepers represent a significant portion of the workforce, with more than 1.5 million employed in the U.S. today. While that number is projected to gradually shrink due to automation stemming from machine learning advances, the demand for bookkeepers is high due to the number of retiring bookkeepers from the Baby Boomer generation.

To become a bookkeeper, or excel at being one, you’ll want to have an analytical mind with an affinity for attention to detail. Technical skills are required for bookkeepers, particularly when it comes to accounting software, so anticipate needing to be familiar with some of the more popular options. With the more routine tasks being absorbed by automation, future bookkeepers can be expected to have the ability to see the bigger picture and act in an advisory capacity.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at four examples of bookkeeper resumes that you can base your own resume on (depending on your background). To help you fine tune it further, we’ll also be going over tips on polishing your resume, including what action words to emphasize to best demonstrate your capabilities.

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With colleges constantly changing their curriculum, it can help to write out the particular courses that you feel were most helpful to your role as a bookkeeper. Additionally, if you have participated in any outside activities in your community in a bookkeeping, data entry, or organizational capacity, you can include it as part of your relevant experience.

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