Investment Banking Resume Guide

9 Investment Banking Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Investment banking can be a lucrative but also very demanding career where only the best of the best succeed. This guide has been created to help you create a resume that will stand out among the sea of impressive resumes recruiters see every day. We will define 5 investment banking positions, show you a strong resume sample for each, and give you pointers to help you elevate your resume and secure that interview.

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Hiring Manager for Investment Banking Roles
Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
Senior Hiring Manager
20+ Years of Experience

Investment bankers are a vital part of the financial industry. They use financial instruments to help their clients achieve goals such as mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising. This demanding and largely male-dominated profession offers a high salary, especially as you advance up the corporate ladder. However, you may be expected to work up to 100 hours a week and will need to have a stellar resume to get your proverbial foot in the door. Aspiring investment bankers flock to investment companies such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley, but can also be found in all major banks and financial institutions.

The general career progression for investment bankers is intern, to analyst, to associate, to VP, to director. Many associates aspire to leave larger institutions and take senior positions in private equity firms. Having a strong educational background, especially for more senior positions, is essential and recruiters will pay close attention to this when selecting applicants for an interview. With a success rate of just over 1% for applicants hoping to get into institutions like Morgan Stanley, it is imperative that your resume is well structured, and paints you as unique successful, and invaluable. This guide was created to help you achieve that.

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