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4 Financial Controller Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2023

Financial controllers are sometimes called company historians and are responsible for a company’s financial functions and records. This is a high-ranking position and requires high qualifications, extensive experience, and a high level of trust. This guide will specify the requirements and expectations for specific financial controller positions and give you some tips and resume samples to help you create a stellar financial controller resume.

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Hiring Manager for Financial Controller Roles
Author: Mike McDonald
Senior Hiring Manager - Financial Controller Roles
16+ Years of Experience

A financial controller is the lead accountant of a company and is responsible for the company’s accounting processes and statements. In a smaller company, a financial controller role and the CFO role are merged into one. In larger companies with revenue above $35million, the roles are usually separated with the financial controller handling the internal financial processes and the generation of financial statements. 

Financial controllers of today are having to adapt to the changing industry and technological advancements. The increased reliance on AI for data and financial processes means financial controllers may find themselves working with smaller teams. In addition, the Covid pandemic has seen a transformation in the way people work, with more and more workers choosing to work from home. Financial controllers are having to find new ways to ensure that their remote teams continue to work efficiently and diligently.

This guide will show you resume samples of financial controller titles and give you some tips to help you craft a resume that is particularly attractive to recruiters.