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3 Video Editor CV Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

As a video editor, your CV must engage and captivate - just like a movie trailer. This piece serves as your guide to crafting that winning CV. We'll walk you through examples and templates that highlight your skills effectively. Let's give hiring managers a taste of your work that'll make them want to see the full production.

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Hiring Manager for Video Editor Roles
Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
Senior Hiring Manager
20+ Years of Experience

As a craftsman of cinema, a video editor's role holds rank in the film and TV industry. The video editor's lot is storytelling - knitting together scene grabs and taking a viewer down the plotted path. But when it comes to your job search, the role shifts, as you're charged with telling your own story. Your CV turns into the storyboard where you string together your career, skills, and achievements to engage recruiters.

Typically, on a video editor's career reel, one would see a start in film school or other related studies, followed by internships or entry-level roles. As stairs are built step by step, a well-blended mix of job-based skills, real-world experience, and a showreel of personal projects help climb the ladder in this industry. Expect to see a trend in 2023-2024 of employers seeking editors with skills in cutting-edge software and 3D modeling techniques, that's the shape things took in 2020-2021.

Now, let's frame this right, starting with straightening out the CV versus resume conundrum. It's all in the name. UK, European, Australian employers, or those taking their cues from them, fancy the term CV instead of resume. But don't let semantics overshadow substance. For careers like video editing, a CV should be a lean 1-2 page cut, just as with resumes. A lengthy 3-4 page document is needed only for research or academic roles.

Going forward, the curtain will rise on CV examples that have hit the mark in 2024. We'll serve up key skills to include and templates to mould your CV that will nail it for video editor roles. By the end, you'll have a peg of what makes a CV pass muster in a recruiter's eyes in this field.

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