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Zenia Elswick

Director of HR at Oracle | Technology | Certified HR Trainer

Toronto, Canada Area


Sierra Gerardi

VP Sales | Revenue Growth in Cloud-Enabled Technology Solutions | Product Development & Sales Operations Leadership

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Garth Kegley

Content Marketing Strategist specializing in press releases, blog content, and social media

San Francisco Bay Area


Josefine Clerk

CPM-certified Product Manager | Experience creating value from data and delivering products used by 10M+ users

London, United Kingdom


Garth Kegley

VP Sales | Revenue Growth in Cloud-Enabled Technology Solutions | Product Development & Sales Operations Leadership

San Francisco Bay Area


The details used in the above LinkedIn profiles are entirely fictional (e.g. names, locations, job titles).

The Anatomy of the Best LinkedIn Headlines

In this infographic, we'll explain what makes up the best LinkedIn headlines.

The best LinkedIn headlines are specific and use the right keywords

The best LinkedIn headlines have two core components. First, they're specific and don't use vague (and often, pretentious!) buzzwords like 'Thought Leader'. Second, they optimize their profile for the specific keywords they want recruiters and hiring managers to look for.

You can do this by using our Targeted Resume tool which highlights important keywords in the job descriptions that you're applying for.

We dive deeper into the components of what makes up a great LinkedIn headline, what keywords are, and more in our deep dive report. Here are sections you might be interested in:

1. What is the LinkedIn headline? 2. Why is your headline so important? 3. What are keywords and why do they matter? 4. How to use keywords to optimize your headline