The most important part of your resume is the content

To get shortlisted for an interview by any top employer, every line on your resume must be impactful and must showcase specific skills or competencies relevant to the job.

Unfortunately, most resumes are ineffective and are filled with lines like this one:

Responsible for the coordinated management of multiple related projects directed toward strategic business and other organizational objectives

This is an example of a real resume line that 95% of job seekers would also use to describe a project management experience. Can you identify why it's ineffective?

It's simply not specific and does not demonstrate enough impact or core skills. In today's job market, it will be hard to even get an interview at any top tier company (e.g. McKinsey, Google, Goldman Sachs, hedge funds) with lines like that on your resume.

Let's now look at a couple of lines that are significantly more effective for the same project management experience:

Managed a 5-member cross-functional (product, engineering, sales, support) team and coordinated with six business partners toward the successful launch of an e-commerce platform

Managed a process re-engineering project to improve and consolidate end-to-end service processes; restructured communication flow among 10 departments, and cut down paperwork by 75%

Notice the difference? These lines can be used to describe the same work experience, but they are just so much better.

They demonstrate impact by using action-oriented words (e.g. 'Managed', 'restructured') and quantifiable values (e.g. 'cut down paperwork by 75%'). They are specific and demonstrate core project management skills (e.g. teamwork, communication, leadership).

...and that's what recruiters look for.

Every line on your resume needs to show real impact. It's what makes your resume stand out and beat out people with 5 years’ more experience than you.

In fact, even the world's top business schools have dedicated services to help their students develop strong resumes, in terms of word choice, being action-oriented, quantifying impact, and highlighting particular skill sets.

Remember, your resume is the first and only thing a recruiter or hiring manager sees. You might be an incredible candidate, but that one document represents everything a company knows about you.

Writing the perfect line is hard

Each line on your resume must strike the perfect balance between making you look your absolute best and being authentic. This is not an easy task, especially if:

You feel you don't have accomplishments worth mentioning.

English is not your first language.

You don't think you are a good writer.

You do not have access to career services at top business schools.

You don't think you have enough experience for the job.

You are unsure how to demonstrate the necessary skills and competencies in your experiences. For example, how do I demonstrate leadership skills in my current experiences?

Do any of these reasons mean you should settle for a mediocre resume? Absolutely not.

The good news is, someone has already written THE most effective resume lines for you

Successful job applicants have already spent hours crafting the perfect resume lines that got them into top-tier companies. Now imagine if you had a list of sample resume lines that actually worked at the most competitive companies, including Google, McKinsey and multibillion dollar hedge funds.

You could find and copy a line that is similar to your own experience, tweak it, and KNOW that it’s an effective and powerful line to use on your resume.

That's why Resume Worded was created

It's a searchable database of ACTUAL winning lines from resumes
that you can use as a starting point for your resume.

We sourced hundreds of real candidate resumes and only shortlisted the resumes that were successful at the most competitive companies. We worked with an ex-McKinsey recruiter and an ex-Google hiring manager to analyse and rank each and every line used on those resumes.

Don't reinvent the wheel.
Use proven lines instead.

We selected the most effective lines and categorized them into the skills they demonstrated, making it easy for you to find a line that fits right into your resume. Once you find a line that works, copy it into your resume, personalise it and just tweak the wording. It's that easy.

With Resume Worded, you can quickly build your best ever resume from scratch.



Real winning resume lines that worked at top companies

Each resume line was handpicked by experienced recruiters or employees from recent resumes that got into the most selective companies. You could find and copy a line that is similar to your own experience, tweak it, and KNOW that it’s an effective and powerful line to use on your resume.

Pro users get access to many more lines and get first look at new lines added every week.

Search by job type and skill

The search and filters enable you to find a relevant line quickly. Applying for a product management job? Select product management in the Job Type filter. Not sure how to demonstrate leadership in your resume? Select leadership in the Skills filter and get a number of high quality examples to do just that.

Pro users get access to all Job Types and Skills.


It's free

Getting access to real high quality resumes is difficult and expensive, nevermind analysing, vetting and categorising each line. However, we offer a huge selection of lines for free.
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Every line on Resume Worded is a real line used by a successful candidate on a real resume. Company names and project specifics were changed for confidentiality.

Please refrain from using any line word for word on your resume. Tweak and edit the line to suit your experience, instead of directly plagiarising it.

Do not outright lie on your resume. It may be tempting to find a really powerful line on this site and use it as is on your resume, even if it does not reflect your true experience. Please do not do this. Remember that you will be still asked about your resume in the interview.
The goal of Resume Worded is to help you paint the best picture of yourself.

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