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Resume Worded helps you write powerful resumes by giving you access to handpicked lines from real resumes that were successful at companies like Google, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey. To learn more about Resume Worded and what makes a stand-out resume, click here.

Pro is perfect for you if...

You are applying to very competitive employers and want to ensure your resume stands out.

You don't think you are a good writer or English is not your first language..

You need a resume overhaul.

You need accomplishments worth mentioning..

You want examples of how to quantify your value, even if you work in non-technical fields.

You are applying to multiple industries and need to create multiple tailored resumes.

You are trying to switch industries and need more proven examples of lines that worked.

Pro Features

In addition to the features of the free version, you get...


Handpicked resume lines

There are 200+ real resume lines from resumes that got into the most selective companies. Each resume line was handpicked by an ex-McKinsey recruiter and ex-Google hiring manager.
There is a perfect resume line in our database for practically every experience. Every week, we add new proven lines for Pro members.

Resume lines for all job types

Easily find resume lines that are relevant to the job you are applying to. Applying for a Consulting job? Select Consulting in the Job Type dropdown and see real resume lines used by candidates to get into top companies like McKinsey and BCG.

We currently have resume lines for: Investment Banking, Trading, Investment Management, Research, Private Equity, Marketing and Growth, Product Management, Consulting (Strategy), Data Science and Business Analytics, Software Development, Sales, Business Development and Operations roles.

picture of names of job types eg data science, product mgmt, ibd, trading


Resume lines for all skills

Find lines which demonstrate specific skills and competencies you need for your new job.

We currently have resume lines for: Leadership, Entrepreneurial, Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Analysis/Analytical, Strategic Thinking, Business Analysis, Project Management, Process Improvement, Quantitative Analysis, Modeling, Product Development, Market Research skills.

Sort by Impact Score

We worked with an ex-McKinsey recruiter and an ex-Google hiring manager to analyse and rank each and every line on Resume Worded. With Pro, you'll be able to quickly sort the lines by their 'Impact Score'.

picture of names of job types eg data science, product mgmt, ibd, trading

What users have said

Before Resume Worded, I used to spend weeks trying to find relevant resume examples online and through friends. Now, I have a list of lines that are relevant to me in one place. - Fatima A.

I bought Pro last week and I've already improved my resume significantly. It's an invaluable tool. - Ivan S.

I'm not a native English speaker and have paid over $300 on resume writing services in the past. None of those services have helped me as much as Resume Worded. I was able to go through several examples of resume lines and be confident that my resume was effective. - Jin Y.


What if the category I want is not on the lists above?

Please write to us here with the job type or skill you’re looking for and we’ll let you know when we add real resume lines for that category to our database. In the meantime, we encourage you to use the other lines that we have available across all the other categories for inspiration. You can also search using keywords.

Can I only sign up via Facebook?

Yes, we use Facebook to securely authenticate you. We'll add additional ways to sign-up in the coming months.

I can't find the Join / Login buttons. What's wrong?

The buttons should appear at the top of this page (like this). If you can't see them, Facebook is probably blocked where you are right now (e.g. some organisations block Facebook). We'll be adding additional ways to sign-up to Pro in the coming months. Please email us to let us know.

How do I use this website or these lines?

Great question. Learn More here.

I'd like a personalised resume review. How can I get one?

Get in touch here. We'll put you in touch with an employee at a top company or an ex-hiring manager.

What template should I use?

For top tier jobs, "standard" resumes work best. We recommend this template, which is directly from Harvard's Career Services.

I want more resume tips!

Sign up to our monthly newsletter here! We send out tips, real resumes and advice from recruiters, hiring managers and employees.

What is the source of your resume lines?

The resume lines are sourced from several hundred resumes from employees at top companies and business school students in our network. Of those, we handpicked the most impactful lines from each. We went one step further and improved each resume line to ensure their effectiveness.

Can I advertise / sponsor Resume Worded?

Yes. Use this form or email us to get in touch.

Can I copy these lines directly?

Please refrain from using any line word for word on your resume. Tweak and edit the line to suit your experience, instead of directly plagiarising it. Remember that every line on Resume Worded is a real line used by a successful candidate on a real resume. Company names and project specifics were changed for confidentiality.

Do not outright lie on your resume. It may be tempting to find a really powerful line on this site and use it as is on your resume, even if it does not reflect your true experience. Please do not do this. Remember that you will be still asked about your resume in the interview. The goal of Resume Worded is only to provide inspiration and help you paint the best picture of yourself.

How do you process payments?

We use Stripe to process payments. Stripe are Level 1 PCI compliant and utilise a secure sockets layer (SSL). For more information, see Security at Stripe.

Anything else?

If you have any questions, feature suggestions, or feedback, please get in touch using this form or email.

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