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Led the transition to a paperless practice by implementing an electronic booking system and a faster, safer and more accurate business system. Reduced cost of labor by 30% and office overhead by 10%.

Launched Miami office with lead Director and recruited and managed new team of 10 employees. Grew office revenue by 200% in first nine months (representing 20% of company revenue)

Analyzed industry trends in the automobile sector and presented long and short equity investment ideas for 12 large-cap stocks that outperformed the Bloomberg sector benchmark by 7% in 2014.

Promoted within 12 months due to strong performance and organizational impact - ahead of schedule by 12 months

Analyzed data from 25000 monthly active users and used outputs to guide marketing and product strategies; increased average app engagement time by 2x, 30% decrease in drop off rate, and 3x shares on social media

Analyzed private equity firm's historical track record, evaluated performance against public indexes, and validated claims with investors and CEOs, resulting in commitments in excess of $300MM

Managed a cross-functional team of 10 in 3 locations (London, Mumbai and New York), ranging from entry-level to Ph.D. analysts, and closely collaborated with business development, data analysis, operations and marketing teams

Overhauled the obsolete legacy source code of two production applications, resulting in increased usability and reduced run time performance by 50%

Led training and peer-mentoring programs for the incoming class of 25 analysts in 2017; developed and maintained training program to reduce onboarding time for new hires by 50%

Spearheaded redevelopment of internal tracking system in use by 125 employees, resulting in 20+ new features, reduction of 20% in save/load time and 15% operation time

Founded ReferRoom to organize social events for 500 young professionals, and grew it to $20k/year revenue and $8k/year profit.

Designed and implemented 50+ E2E tests using Selenium & Protractor, simulating each user group's actions

Developed a sell-side ideas pitch book of acquisition targets for a ~$650MM bedding company

Evaluated Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn for ~$26bn; built supporting discounted cash flow, equity comparable, and acquisition comparable analyses, and presented fairness opinion pitch book to senior management

Organised and advertised quarterly networking events with 500+ participants in six cities across California

Identified steps to reduce return rates by 10% resulting in an eventual $75k cost savings

Overhauled U.K. strategy for a top U.S. luxury brand by building a market forecast model for 20+ cities based on multi-variable regression

Spearheaded a major pricing restructure by redirecting focus on consumer willingness to pay instead of product cost; implemented a three-tiered pricing model which increased average sale 35% and margin 12%

Led full redesign of website with findings from customer segmentation and competitive research, increasing website leads by 200%

Decreased uninstallation rate by 40% by introducing an interactive tutorial at app launch

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