Quantify each accomplishment on your resume with these handpicked metrics. Learn why.

Revenue generated ($)

Sales created ($)

Sales lift (%)

Profit generated ($)

Money saved ($)

Managed budget ($)

C-level employees

Increased x by y%

Increased throughput

Readership / Audience size

Built system used by x

Saved time

Improved productivity

Number of direct reports

Number of locations

Number of offices

Project duration

Delivered ahead of schedule

Team size

Percent of target (%)

Percentage change (%)

Increase in profit (%)

Increase in efficiency (%)

# of people hired / interviewed

Number of ...

Number of projects

Reduced costs

People managed

Attendance rate

Reduced customer complaints

Reduced algorithm complexity

Deal value

Award received

Selected as ...

Website hits

Increased conversion rate (%)

Project value

Lines of code

Number of survey responses

Data size

Reduced latency

Number of bugs

Reduced page load times

Click through rates (%)

Customer retention rate (%)

Churn rate (%)

Reduced execution time

# of server requests

Release cycle length

Reduced support calls

Reduced helpdesk tickets

Increased resolution rate (%)

Number of attendees

Exceeded industry benchmark

Increase in customer base

Number of users

Number of clients

Social reach

Number of leads

Reduced customer acquisition costs

Number of attributes

Number of data points

Net promoter score

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