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Writing resumes are tough. Here's how we make it easy.

Every line on your resume must strike the perfect balance between making you look your absolute best and being authentic. At the same time, each line must be concise, show you have the right experience, and demonstrate your impact (Read more).

This is a difficult task, especially if:

•   You feel you don't have accomplishments worth mentioning.
•   English is not your first language.
•   You don't think you are a good writer.
•   You don't think you have enough experience for the job.
•   You are unsure how to demonstrate the necessary skills and competencies in your experiences. For example, how do I demonstrate leadership skills in my current experiences?

Do any of these reasons mean you should settle for a mediocre resume? Absolutely not.

The good news is, someone has already written the most effective resume lines for you

Successful job applicants have already spent hours crafting the perfect resume lines that got them into top-tier companies. Now imagine if you had a list of sample resume lines that actually worked at the most competitive companies, including Google, McKinsey and multibillion dollar hedge funds.

You could find and copy a line that is similar to your own experience, tweak it, and KNOW that it’s an effective and powerful line to use on your resume.

That's why Resume Worded was created

It's a searchable database of ACTUAL winning lines from resumes that you can use as a starting point for your resume.

We sourced 1000+ real candidate resumes and only shortlisted the resumes that were successful at the most competitive companies. We worked with an ex-McKinsey recruiter and an ex-Google hiring manager to analyse and rank each and every line used on those resumes.

Don't reinvent the wheel.
Use proven lines instead.

We selected the most effective lines and categorized them into the skills they demonstrated, making it easy for you to find a line that fits right into your resume. Once you find a line that works, copy it into your resume, personalise it and just tweak the wording. It's that easy.

With Resume Worded, you can quickly build your best ever resume from scratch.

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