Facilities Manager Cover Letters

Approved by real hiring managers, these Facilities Manager cover letters have been proven to get people hired in 2023. A hiring manager explains why.

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Facilities Manager Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Facilities Manager role at Google. As someone who has always been fascinated by the company's innovative approach to creating workspaces that foster creativity and collaboration, I was thrilled to come across this opportunity. My experience in managing facilities for various tech companies has taught me the importance of designing spaces that not only function efficiently but also inspire the people who work within them.

In my previous role as Facilities Manager at Resume Worded, I successfully led a project to redesign the office layout, which resulted in a 25% increase in employee satisfaction and a 15% boost in productivity. My team and I achieved this by conducting in-depth research, seeking employee feedback, and implementing space-saving solutions that catered to the diverse needs of our staff. Additionally, I spearheaded a sustainable initiative that reduced our energy consumption by 30%, saving the company over $50,000 annually. I believe my experience in optimizing workspaces and implementing cost-saving measures will be invaluable in contributing to Google's commitment to creating an exceptional work environment.

What excites me most about this role is the chance to work with a company that places such a strong emphasis on the well-being of its employees and the environment. I am eager to apply my expertise in facilities management to help Google continue to set the standard for innovative and sustainable workplaces.

I appreciate your time and consideration, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to contribute to Google's ongoing success as a Facilities Manager. Thank you for considering my application.


[Your Name]

Why This Cover Letter Works in 2023

Quantifiable Achievements

This cover letter highlights specific, measurable accomplishments in the candidate's career. By showing how their work has had a positive impact on previous workplaces, the candidate demonstrates their value to the prospective employer.

Cost-Saving Measures

By mentioning a successful cost-saving initiative, the candidate showcases their ability to be resourceful and financially responsible. This is a valuable skill for a Facilities Manager and adds credibility to their application.

Role Enthusiasm

The candidate's excitement about the role and its alignment with their own values is evident in this sentence. It shows the hiring manager that they genuinely care about the work they do and are not simply applying for any job.

Facilities Manager Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

I have always admired Marriott International's dedication to creating exceptional experiences for its customers. As a frequent guest, I've been consistently impressed by the seamless operations and top-notch upkeep of your facilities. This admiration has urged me to apply for the Facilities Manager position at your respected establishment.

My previous role at Resume Worded involved managing the upkeep of a 15-story office building, and I successfully reduced maintenance costs by 20% within the first year. I achieved this by implementing a preventive maintenance strategy, which not only extended the lifespan of equipment but also significantly reduced downtime. I also introduced a waste management system that resulted in a 30% reduction in waste output, reflecting my commitment to sustainability.

Marriott International's commitment to creating exceptional customer experiences while maintaining sustainability aligns perfectly with my professional values. I am eager to bring my expertise in facility management and my passion for creating efficient, sustainable environments to your team.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to the Marriott International team.


Why This Cover Letter Works in 2023

Highlighting Cost-Saving Achievements

This person isn't just telling me about their previous role, they're showing me exactly what they achieved in clear, hard numbers. A 20% reduction in maintenance costs is a significant achievement, and it shows they're not just good at their job, they're exceptional.

Demonstrating Commitment to Sustainability

Mentioning the implementation of a waste management system and the subsequent 30% reduction in waste output is a big win. It's a clear demonstration of their commitment to sustainability, which is increasingly important in facility management.

Senior Facilities Manager Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

Having visited numerous Hilton Hotels across the country, I've been consistently impressed by the impeccable upkeep of your facilities and the warm, welcoming atmosphere they create for guests. This experience has prompted me to apply for the Senior Facilities Manager position at Hilton.

At Resume Worded, I led a team of 10 facilities staff to manage the maintenance and operation of three large office buildings, housing over 1,000 employees. We successfully implemented a predictive maintenance strategy, which reduced equipment downtime by 25% and prolonged equipment life by 3 years on average. Furthermore, I spearheaded a project to retrofit the buildings with energy-efficient lighting, which resulted in a 40% reduction in energy costs over two years.

Hilton's reputation for exceptional hospitality and commitment to sustainability is what draws me to this role. I am excited to bring my leadership skills, technical expertise, and commitment to creating efficient, welcoming environments to your team.

Thank you for considering my application. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to Hilton's continued success.

Why This Cover Letter Works in 2023

Emphasizing Leadership and Success

Leading a team of 10 and managing the maintenance of three large office buildings is no small feat. They're not just saying they're a good leader, but they're providing clear evidence of their leadership abilities and their success in managing large-scale operations.

Proving Energy Efficiency Expertise

By mentioning the retrofitting project and the substantial 40% reduction in energy costs, they're showing me their expertise in energy efficiency. This is a highly valued skill in facility management, and it's clearly something they excel at.

Connecting Personal Values with Company Values

They're not just applying for any job, they're applying for this job. They've done their research, and they connect their personal values with Hilton's reputation for exceptional hospitality and commitment to sustainability. It shows they're invested in this role and this company.

Alternative Introductions

If you're struggling to start your cover letter, here are 6 different variations that have worked for others, along with why they worked. Use them as inspiration for your introductory paragraph.

As a Facilities Manager who has long admired Apple's focus on blending form and function in its products and workspaces, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the company's ongoing commitment to creating inspiring and efficient environments in the Facilities Manager role.
This intro is effective because it highlights the candidate's alignment with Apple's values and demonstrates their enthusiasm for the company's approach to design and functionality.

When I first had the opportunity to visit Amazon's headquarters in Seattle and experience the iconic Spheres, I was captivated by the company's innovative approach to integrating nature into the modern workspace. With my background in facilities management, I am excited about the prospect of joining Amazon in the Facilities Manager role and further driving the creation of unique and inspiring work environments.
This introduction stands out because it shares a personal connection to the company and illustrates the candidate's understanding of Amazon's distinctive approach to workspace design.

Throughout my career in facilities management, I have always admired Microsoft's dedication to building accessible and inclusive work environments. As an individual who is passionate about creating spaces that empower everyone to succeed, I am eager to contribute my expertise as a Facilities Manager at Microsoft.
This intro effectively showcases the candidate's understanding of Microsoft's commitment to accessibility and inclusion, and highlights their motivation to contribute to that mission.

I recently read about SpaceX's plan to expand its facilities in order to accommodate its growing workforce and ever-evolving space exploration initiatives. As a Facilities Manager with a passion for innovation and experience in managing large-scale expansions, I am thrilled at the possibility of contributing to these groundbreaking projects at SpaceX.
This introduction is strong because it focuses on a specific, relevant aspect of the company's growth and the candidate's ability to contribute to that expansion as a Facilities Manager.

Having grown up near IBM's headquarters in Armonk, I have always admired the company's long-standing presence in the tech industry and its influence on the local community. As a seasoned Facilities Manager with experience managing large corporate campuses, I am excited about the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in a company that has been a part of my life for so long.
This intro is unique because it shares a personal connection to the company's location and combines that with the candidate's expertise in managing large facilities, making it clear why they would want to contribute to IBM.