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Site reliability engineers work closely with both the development and operations team to ensure that software production remains fast, reliable, and scalable. Their main responsibilities include automation, monitoring, and incident response. To become an SRE you should have a combination of IT and software development skills. If this is your case, read on. We’ll show you how you can optimize your resume to perform better during your job hunt.

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Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
Senior Hiring Manager
20+ Years of Experience

Most companies are constantly implementing new features to stay competitive and provide a high-level user experience. However, these changes often affect IT infrastructure and produce downtime and errors, which make the software unreliable. Ideally, applications should follow a service-level agreement, which is a determined level of downtime. 

That’s why the operations team work to protect the IT infrastructure by monitoring errors and implementing new guidelines for the development team. On one hand, we have developers wanting to release new features fast, and on the other hand, we have the operations team trying to keep up with all these changes. 

This is where site reliability engineers enter the game and fill that gap. Instead of having the Ops team monitor infrastructure manually and alert developers, SREs create automation tools that notify developers of possible downtime or errors. This takes some weight off the ops team's shoulders and ensures that developers keep releasing new updates by maintaining the error budget (a threshold of the minimum allowable outages).

Since you’ll spend the majority of your time building automation tools, you should highlight your programming skills on your resume. Include the coding languages and tools you use for automation, such as Ruby or Javascript. Since this is a highly complex role, you should focus on including only technical skills on your resume rather than including soft skills.

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