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    Resumes are arguably the most important part of your job search. They're not only the first thing a potential employer sees, they're also constantly referred to during every stage of the hiring process: the first-round interview, the final-round interview and even during your reference check once you get the job.

    Resumes are also the one thing that's seen by the most amount of people. Think about it - they're read by each and every person you'll encounter in your job search: every recruiter, hiring manager, or even friend in your network will want to see your resume and will judge if you're a good fit based on it.

    There's a lot riding on your resume, so you need to make sure it's done well. It not only needs to be effective at conveying what you can do for your employer (i.e. your experience), but also completely error-free. If there are mistakes or typos on your resume, you'll seem like you lack attention to detail and it'll be hard for you to make it past a hiring manager.

    So we made a tool to help you fix your resume to help you make sure it's in shape for your job search. It'll scan your resume for 25+ common mistakes people make and show you how to fix them. It's free to get started too!

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Common mistakes to fix on your resume

Let's go through some of the most common mistakes job seekers make on their resumes, and what you can do to fix them. All of these things, plus more, are checked by our online resume fixer, aka our resume scanner. It'll scan your resume and transparently show you where it falls short.

  Ineffective work experience

Most resumes make the mistake of just stating responsibilities, and not accomplishments. Instead of using phrases like "Responsible for", use strong action verbs like "Developed" or "Managed".


Careless errors like spelling mistakes or tiny typos are a surefire way to tell a hiring manager you haven't proofread your resume. Proofread your resume and get all typos fixed!

A list of checks the resume fixer will scan your resume for, including typos, work experience and impact.

An example of the step-by-step fixes you will get as part of your feedback.

  Too long or wordy

Studies say hiring managers spend an average of six seconds reviewing your resume initially. You don't have a lot of time to impress a hiring manager so you need to make sure your resume is concise and has only the most important information about you. Some ways to fix a wordy resume include removing older accomplishments or cutting out unnecessary sections like an objective.

  Poor formatting and poor readability by Applicant Tracking Systems

More on this in the next section, but the gist of this is most resumes are passed through a filter - called the Applicant Tracking System, or ATS - before a human hiring manager sees it. If your resume isn't formatted correctly, or isn't readable by these systems, it makes it harder for you to get through to the next stage.

  • Fix your resume's formatting so you get past resume screeners and ATS

    We briefly discussed this in the last section, but let's dive into it further. Companies use software, called Applicant Tracking Systems, to help them filter through the massive number of applicants they receive. These software help companies quickly filter out irrelevant applicants - those that don't have the right skills for the job based on a quick scan.

    Unfortunately, even people with the right skills often get filtered out by these software because their resumes are formatted in an unusual way.

    To ensure your resume will be correctly read by ATS, use simple formatting and fonts, and avoid making your resume using design tools like Photoshop (learn how to write an ATS resume).

    A tool like our resume scanner will help you also diagnose any formatting issues you might have so you can fix them before applying to a job.

    Diagnose your resume's ATS readability 
  • Learn how to fix your resume's formatting so you get past resume screening software and applicant tracking systems.
  • Get an instant analysis of your resume. Find and fix your resume's mistakes.
  • It's like a professional resume writer by your side, but free to get started

    We don't believe you need to hire expensive resume writing services to write your resume. You just need the right guidance in one place. That's where our resume fixer tool comes in.

    It gives you more detailed feedback and recommendations than all resume writers out there. Plus, it's been designed by real hiring managers and recruiters to make sure your feedback is up-to-date and in line with expectations from current HR teams and employers.

    You'll get a few resume reviews for free when you sign up. Each resume review is instant and comes with a detailed report showing you where your resume's key issues are and how to fix them.

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  • Get rid of all your resume's mistakes

    Hiring managers have hundreds of applications to go through and not enough time. So they're looking for reasons to say 'no' to applicants.

    The most common reason they reject resumes is because of simple mistakes: things like typos, inconsistent dates, or bad formatting.

    The good news is, these are the easiest things to fix on your resume. One way to fix them is by proofreading your resume over and over again, or even better, asking a friend to proofread it. A fresh set of eyes always helps!

    To really make sure your resume is error-free, though, is to use our AI tool. It'll scan your resume against key criteria recruiters look for, and show you how to fix any mistakes it comes across. You'll also get a score for your resume, which will give you an indication of how strong your resume is compared to others in your industry.

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