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Approved by real hiring managers, these Junior Lawyer cover letters have been proven to get people hired in 2023. A hiring manager explains why.

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Junior Lawyer Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Junior Lawyer position at Jones Day. As a recent law school graduate and someone who has always been fascinated by the intricacies of the legal world, I was thrilled to come across this opportunity at a firm that has consistently made headlines for its groundbreaking work and unwavering commitment to client service. I believe my unique combination of academic accomplishments, practical legal experience, and passion for the field makes me an ideal candidate to join your team.

During my time at law school, I ranked in the top 10% of my class and had the opportunity to intern at two respected law firms, gaining invaluable experience in handling a variety of legal matters. In one of my internships at Resume Worded, I was tasked with conducting extensive research on a high-profile case, which ultimately contributed to a favorable outcome for our client. This experience not only sharpened my research and analytical skills but also taught me the importance of working closely with clients to understand their needs and objectives. At another internship, I successfully drafted and negotiated a complex licensing agreement that helped a small business owner protect their intellectual property rights. These experiences have provided me with a solid foundation in legal practice and a strong understanding of the challenges and rewards of working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment like Jones Day.

I am particularly excited about the Junior Lawyer role at Jones Day because of the firm's dedication to mentorship and professional development. The opportunity to learn from and collaborate with some of the best legal minds in the industry is incredibly appealing to me, and I am eager to contribute my own skills and perspectives to help the firm continue its success in delivering outstanding results for clients.

Thank you for considering my application. I am confident that my passion for the legal field, combined with my academic achievements and practical experience, will make me a valuable addition to the Jones Day team. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my candidacy further.


[Your Name]

Why This Cover Letter Works in 2023

Highlighting Academic and Practical Experience

This cover letter does an excellent job of showcasing the candidate's academic achievements and practical legal experience, which are both critical for a Junior Lawyer role. A strong academic record and relevant internships are often major selling points for recent law school graduates, so be sure to highlight these accomplishments in your cover letter.

Providing Specific Examples

By providing specific examples of the candidate's accomplishments during their internships, this cover letter effectively demonstrates their ability to handle real-world legal matters. When applying to legal positions, it's important to showcase your hands-on experience and how it has prepared you for the challenges of the role you're seeking.

Junior Lawyer Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

I'm writing to express my interest in the Junior Lawyer position at Allen & Overy. As a recent law graduate, I've been on the lookout for a firm that is not just a legal powerhouse, but also one that fosters growth and values innovation. The way Allen & Overy combines tradition with forward-thinking strategies, like your commitment to embracing legal tech, has always struck a chord with me.

During my time at RW Law School, I was known for my knack for legal research and my ability to communicate complex legal concepts clearly. One such instance was when I led a team of fellow students to victory in the RW Moot Court competition, securing the best team and best speaker awards. This was a testament to not only my litigation skills but also my ability to lead a team under pressure. I believe these skills will enable me to add value to your team at Allen & Overy.

I'm particularly excited about this role because it offers the opportunity to work on high-profile international cases. Working on such cases has been a career goal of mine, and I believe Allen & Overy, with its extensive global network, is the perfect place for that.

Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to bring my passion for law and my commitment to innovation to a prestigious firm like Allen & Overy.

Best Regards,
[Your Name]


Why This Cover Letter Works in 2023

Relate to the Company's Values

When you show that you understand and appreciate the company's values, you're creating a connection. Here, your mention of Allen & Overy's commitment to innovation makes it clear that you're not just interested in 'any' law firm, but specifically them. You're not just looking for a job, but more a place where you can align your own values. This kind of connection is something hiring managers love to see.

Highlight Your Achievements with Specifics

Sharing specific accomplishments, such as your victory in the RW Moot Court competition, helps to paint a vivid picture of your capabilities. Rather than just stating you're good at legal research or communication, you're giving a concrete example that demonstrates these skills in action. It provides a snapshot of how you perform under real-life conditions.

Showcase Your Multifaceted Skills

By pointing to both your litigation skills and ability to lead under pressure, you're showing that you're multifaceted and can handle a variety of tasks. It's an effective way to showcase your broad skillset and how you can add more value to the team.

Articulate Your Career Goals

Stating that working on high-profile international cases is a career goal does more than just show you're ambitious. It helps the hiring manager understand your professional trajectory and how that aligns with the role you're applying for. It also shows that you've thought about how the company can provide opportunities for your growth and development.

Senior Associate Lawyer Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to apply for the Senior Associate Lawyer position at DLA Piper. Having worked in the legal field for the past five years, I am eager to join a firm that not only offers challenging work but also a global perspective. DLA Piper's reputation for having a diverse client base, ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations, aligns with my desire for a dynamic work environment.

In my current role at Resume Worded Legal Services, I've successfully managed multiple high-stakes cases simultaneously. I played a pivotal role in securing a landmark win for a client in a $10M patent dispute. Additionally, I've brought a 30% increase in client retention rates by implementing a new client communication strategy. I am confident that my ability to handle complex cases and client management skills will be valuable to DLA Piper.

What draws me to this role is the opportunity to work alongside some of the industry's best on a variety of challenging cases. I am keen to expand my experience in different sectors and jurisdictions, and DLA Piper's international presence provides the perfect platform to do so.

Thank you for considering my application. I am excited about the possibility of contributing my expertise to the team at DLA Piper.

Best Regards,
[Your Name]

Why This Cover Letter Works in 2023

Communicate Your Career Aspirations

Your interest in DLA Piper's diverse client base suggests you're looking for a dynamic and challenging work environment. This tells me you're eager to grow, adapt, and that you're not afraid of facing new challenges. It's a subtle way to convey your enthusiasm and adaptability.

Quantify Your Success

Securing a landmark win in a $10M patent dispute is a hard-hitting achievement. By quantifying your success, you're offering a measurable proof of your capabilities. It provides a clear, tangible indication of your contribution and the level of responsibility you can handle.

Highlight Your Impact on Business Metrics

Increasing client retention rates by 30% is a strong achievement that speaks to both your legal expertise and client management skills. It's a clear indicator that you're not just a great lawyer, but also someone who knows how to nurture client relationships and contribute to the firm's success.

Express Your Desire for Growth

Your keenness to expand your experience across sectors and jurisdictions shows a drive for personal and professional growth. It demonstrates your willingness to step out of your comfort zone and take on new challenges - qualities that are highly sought after in senior roles.

Alternative Introductions

If you're struggling to start your cover letter, here are 6 different variations that have worked for others, along with why they worked. Use them as inspiration for your introductory paragraph.

As a recent law school graduate with a passion for intellectual property law, I was excited to come across the Junior Lawyer position at Baker McKenzie, a firm renowned for its global reach and commitment to innovation. My unique academic accomplishments and practical legal experience align well with the firm's reputation for delivering outstanding results to clients around the world.
This intro shows enthusiasm for the firm's specialty and global presence, while highlighting the candidate's relevant experience that will make an impact at Baker McKenzie.

Growing up in a family of small business owners, I have always been keenly aware of the legal challenges they face. So, when I discovered the Junior Lawyer position at Dentons, a firm known for its dedication to supporting local businesses and communities, I knew I had found the perfect place for my legal career to flourish.
This intro connects the candidate's personal experience with their interest in the firm's mission, making a compelling case for why they are a perfect fit for Dentons.

As an avid follower of landmark cases and legal breakthroughs, I have long admired the work of White & Case in shaping the landscape of international law. With my recent law school graduation and strong practical legal experience, I am eager to contribute to the ongoing success of the firm as a Junior Lawyer.
The candidate demonstrates their knowledge and admiration of the firm's influence on the legal field, and links their skills and experiences to a potential role at White & Case.

After seeing firsthand the impact that environmental and sustainability regulations have on our communities, I was thrilled to come across the Junior Lawyer position at Norton Rose Fulbright, a firm known for its dedication to sustainable energy and global efforts in climate change policy. I am excited to bring my legal skills and passion for the environment to a team that shares my values.
This intro focuses on the candidate's passion for environmental law and shows how their interests align with Norton Rose Fulbright's core values and expertise, creating an authentic connection.

During my time at law school, I developed a fascination with antitrust law and its crucial role in maintaining fair competition. When I learned about the Junior Lawyer position at Latham & Watkins, a firm with a strong antitrust practice and global presence, I knew that this opportunity would allow me to contribute meaningfully to the legal field in an area where I am genuinely passionate.
By discussing a specific area of interest and linking it to the firm's expertise, the candidate demonstrates their genuine passion for the subject and a strong motivation to join Latham & Watkins.