Employment Lawyer Cover Letters

Approved by real hiring managers, these Employment Lawyer cover letters have been proven to get people hired in 2023. A hiring manager explains why.

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Employment Lawyer Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

As an employment lawyer with a strong interest in workers' rights and a passion for creating fair workplaces, I was thrilled to come across the Employment Lawyer position at Microsoft. I have long admired Microsoft's commitment to inclusivity and fostering a culture of growth, which aligns seamlessly with my own values. This, combined with the opportunity to contribute to the legal team of a pioneering tech company, has me eager to explore how I can make a lasting impact at Microsoft.

Throughout my career, I have developed a knack for resolving complex legal disputes and advocating for employee rights. One of my proudest achievements was successfully representing a group of employees in a high-profile class action lawsuit against a major corporation, resulting in a multimillion-dollar settlement. This experience not only honed my litigation skills but also deepened my understanding of the importance of fair and equitable workplace practices. I am confident that this expertise will enable me to provide invaluable counsel to Microsoft as it continues to grow and evolve.

Another significant accomplishment was my initiative to implement a comprehensive employee handbook at a mid-sized tech company, which streamlined policies and set clear expectations for all team members. This proactive approach to workplace management had a profound impact on the overall company culture, leading to a 25% reduction in employee disputes within the first year. I believe this experience demonstrates my ability to proactively address potential issues and create a supportive work environment, which aligns with Microsoft's values.

I am genuinely excited about the prospect of joining Microsoft's legal team and contributing to its ongoing growth and success. I am eager to bring my passion for employment law and commitment to workplace fairness to such a forward-thinking company.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my experience and skills can contribute to Microsoft's continued success.


[Your Name]

Why This Cover Letter Works in 2023

Microsoft - A Strong Connection

By mentioning Microsoft's commitment to inclusivity and growth, the cover letter demonstrates a genuine interest in the company's values and culture. This helps the candidate stand out and shows that they have done their research.

High-Profile Case Success

Highlighting a significant achievement, such as winning a high-profile lawsuit, shows the candidate's expertise and ability to handle complex cases. This makes them an attractive candidate for the role and demonstrates their value to the company.

Proactive Approach to Workplace Management

Emphasizing the candidate's initiative in implementing a comprehensive employee handbook is a great way to show their proactive nature and ability to drive positive change. This is an attractive quality for an employment lawyer and aligns with the company's values.

Employment Lawyer Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Employment Lawyer position at Jones Day. As an avid follower of employment law trends, I admire Jones Day’s commitment to creating innovative solutions for complex employment issues. Recently, I read about your successful resolution of a high-profile discrimination case. It was a clear demonstration of your team’s skillful negotiation and deep understanding of the legal landscape.

In my previous role at Resume Worded Legal Services, I spearheaded a team that handled over 50 employment disputes annually, achieving a successful resolution rate of 80%. I believe this success was largely due to my commitment to thorough research and meticulous case preparation, traits I'm eager to bring to Jones Day.

At RW Legal, I introduced an effective case management system which reduced paperwork by 30% and improved case tracking efficiency. This allowed us to devote more time to client interaction and case strategy development, directly contributing to our high success rate.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with Jones Day’s diverse clientele and tackle challenging employment law issues. Your firm's reputation for innovative legal strategies and a client-focused approach aligns perfectly with my professional goals and values.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to Jones Day’s continued success.

[Your Name]


Why This Cover Letter Works in 2023

Showcasing Achievements

The cover letter stands out because it talks about the candidate's successful resolution rate of 80% in employment disputes. This reinforces the candidate's competence and experience as an Employment Lawyer. To copy this, try incorporating your most impressive achievements in your cover letter. If you were responsible for a significant reduction in legal disputes or improved a process, mention that. It's the kind of evidence employers look for.

Process Improvement

This candidate made their cover letter stronger by sharing how they reduced paperwork by 30%. Employers love candidates who can demonstrate they've made processes more efficient or saved time. It shows that you're not just about doing the work, but about improving the work. If you've done something similar in your role, be sure to mention it.

Senior Employment Lawyer Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am reaching out to express my interest in the Senior Employment Lawyer role at DLA Piper. As an experienced employment lawyer, I have long admired DLA Piper's relentless pursuit of justice for its clients. I was particularly intrigued by your recent initiative to enhance workplace equality, echoing my own advocacy for fair employment practices.

During my tenure at Resume Worded Legal Services, I managed a team of five lawyers and we successfully resolved over 100 employment disputes annually. I believe this was largely due to my emphasis on teamwork, clear communication, and comprehensive case preparation.

At RW Legal, I implemented a knowledge sharing platform that improved our legal research efficiency by 40%. This initiative not only streamlined our operations, but also fostered a collaborative work environment, boosting team morale and client satisfaction.

The prospect of working with DLA Piper's team of seasoned professionals and diverse clientele is incredibly exciting to me. I am eager to lend my experience and insights to further enhance your firm's already stellar reputation.

Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to explore how my expertise can contribute to the continued success of DLA Piper.

[Your Name]

Why This Cover Letter Works in 2023

Leadership and Results

In this cover letter, the candidate conveys their leadership skills in managing a team of lawyers and resolving a significant number of disputes. It's a powerful way of showing that you're not just a contributor, but a leader who can drive results. If you have similar leadership experiences, particularly ones where your team achieved great results, don't hold back in sharing them.

Collaboration and Efficiency

The candidate impresses with their initiative to implement a platform that improved legal research efficiency by 40%. This shows problem-solving capabilities, teamwork, and an understanding of the importance of efficiency. It's a great example of how you can showcase your ability to make a significant impact. If you've used technology or any innovative methods to improve efficiency, definitely mention it.

Alternative Introductions

If you're struggling to start your cover letter, here are 6 different variations that have worked for others, along with why they worked. Use them as inspiration for your introductory paragraph.

When I first heard that Google was seeking an Employment Lawyer, I immediately thought of my experience volunteering at a local non-profit to provide legal support for underprivileged workers. I recognized Google's commitment to ethical employment practices and knew I wanted to contribute to the legal team of a company that prioritizes a positive work environment for its employees.
This introduction is effective because it connects the candidate's personal experience with the company's values, showing genuine enthusiasm for the role and alignment with the company's mission.

Upon discovering the Employment Lawyer position at Amazon, I couldn't help but be reminded of my own love for technology as a child, spending countless hours tinkering with gadgets and learning new programming languages. Bringing my legal expertise to a company that continually pushes the boundaries of innovation, like Amazon, would be a dream come true.
This intro stands out for its personal touch, as it connects the candidate's passion for technology with the company's innovative nature, highlighting a shared value that will resonate with the hiring manager.

An unforgettable experience during my time as an Employment Lawyer was having the opportunity to visit the Apple headquarters, where I was struck by the collaborative and diverse culture. Now, the chance to apply for an Employment Lawyer position at Apple itself is an incredible opportunity to merge my passion for promoting equitable workplaces with a company that truly values inclusion and teamwork.
In this introduction, the candidate creates a sense of excitement and personal connection by describing a memorable experience at the company's headquarters, showcasing their enthusiasm for the company's culture and values.

My decision to pursue a career in employment law was heavily influenced by my admiration for companies that prioritize employee well-being and remain accountable to their workforce. This is precisely why the Employment Lawyer position at Salesforce caught my attention, as their dedication to corporate responsibility and creating positive work environments aligns with my own professional goals.
This intro is compelling because it emphasizes the candidate's alignment with the company's commitment to corporate responsibility, showcasing a mutual interest in promoting fair and ethical employment practices.

As a loyal Tesla driver and advocate for sustainable technologies, I was beyond excited to learn about the Employment Lawyer position at Tesla. The opportunity to support the legal team of a company that is revolutionizing the automotive industry and promoting environmental responsibility is truly inspiring and in line with my own values as a professional.
By connecting the candidate's personal experience and values with the company's mission, this introduction demonstrates genuine enthusiasm for the opportunity and highlights their unique connection to the brand.