Template 1

Here's an effective template you can use to structure your resume summary.

[Job Title you're applying to] with [X] years of experience [mention 2-3 skills relevant to the job]; [Describe 2-3 significant accomplishments from your experiences in the format of Action Verb + Accomplishment + Metric. Try to make them unique and demonstrate different skill sets].


Here's an example of a resume summary that uses this template. You can use it as inspiration when writing your own.

Account Manager with two years of experience in sales, marketing and customer service. Contributed to over 50+ accounts, including clients like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. Presented marketing strategies to senior management to drive ROI and improve conversion rate. Improved sales efficiency by 25% by redesigning key sales support workflows and introducing standard reporting templates.


This is a great template you can use for your resume summary. Note how we use specific keywords and skills that are required by the job we're applying to. Additionally, we include examples of real accomplishments or results we've achieved in our previous experiences, as opposed to fluffy buzzwords like 'go-getter' or 'hard-working'.

Try to include specific skills and keywords from the job description that you might not be able to mention on your resume (e.g. programming languages, certifications, etc.); including these skills helps get you past resume screeners and applicant tracking systems too (learn more)!

Template 2

Here's another effective template you can use.

[Job Title] with [X] years' experience [brief description of company; if you worked at big brand names, mention them here]. Results include:
• [Describe accomplishment in the format of Action Verb + Accomplishment + Metric]
• [Describe accomplishment in the format of Action Verb + Accomplishment + Metric]
• [Describe accomplishment in the format of Action Verb + Accomplishment + Metric].


Here's an example of a summary that uses the second template. Feel free to use it as inspiration.

Senior project manager with five years of experience leading feature design and development of enterprise-oriented products. Results include:
• Proposed solution and built team to solve number one cause of customer complaints, and completed project six months ahead of schedule.
• Reduced development costs by 25 percent by creating plan to merge related products into one, more streamlined product.
• Oversaw integration of external technology solution by leading 5 developers and 9 testers from two companies, resulting in an additional $1MM of sales.

What is a resume summary?

Resume Summary: Tips To Remember

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