How To Decline an Offer From Your Current Employer

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  • Introduction and Key Insights
  • Email Template #1: Declining an offer to stay at your current company
  • Email Template #2: How to decline a counteroffer when you don’t want to give out details
  • Email Template #3: How to notify a company that you’re accepting a counteroffer
  • Email Template #4: How to negotiate a better counteroffer
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Additional email and LinkedIn templates
  • Get more insights and strategies
  • How To Decline an Offer From Your Current Employer

    It’s never easy to leave a job — and even harder when your current one wants you to stay. Whether you already have one foot out the door or are debating whether you want to stay, here are some tips for navigating a counteroffer from your current employer.

    • DO: Let them know when you know
      It’s never a good idea to string an employer along, but especially not your current employer. As soon as you’ve made the decision to leave — or to stay — let the parties involved know about it.
    • DON’T: Be indecisive
      No reasonable employer is going to hold it against you if you’ve decided to leave. What could annoy them is if you tell them you’re leaving, agree to stay, then announce that you’ve changed your mind again. If you’re entertaining a counteroffer, don’t respond to it until you’ve made your final decision.
    • DO: Be as transparent as possible
      That doesn’t mean you need to share every detail with your current employer, but do be upfront about the fact that you’re leaving and give a clear reason why. The more easily digestible the reason — like if you’ve received an offer your current company can’t or won’t match — the better.
    • DON’T: Burn bridges
      It can be tempting to go out with a bang, especially if you’re feeling frustrated or burnt out. But keeping things warm — or at least civil — is the best thing you can do for the sake of your references and professional reputation.
    • DO: Use an email template to make things easier
      Still deliberating over what to say? Here are some handy email templates you can use to make the process a little smoother.
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