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Travel Nurse Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

I was thrilled to come across the Travel Nurse position at UnitedHealth Group, as it combines my passion for healthcare and my love for exploring new places. Having grown up in a family of medical professionals, I have always been drawn to the world of healthcare, and my adventurous spirit has led me to seek opportunities to work in different locations. UnitedHealth Group's commitment to providing quality healthcare services and its strong presence in various regions make it the ideal company for someone like me who desires variety and growth in their nursing career.

In my previous role as a Registered Nurse at Resume Worded Medical Center, I successfully managed the care of up to 10 patients per shift, maintaining a 98% patient satisfaction rating. My ability to multitask and communicate effectively with patients, families, and multidisciplinary teams has been a key factor in my success. Additionally, I have consistently received recognition for my excellent clinical skills and ability to adapt quickly to new environments. I am confident that these skills will make me an asset to UnitedHealth Group as a Travel Nurse.

During my time at Resume Worded Medical Center, I also spearheaded a project that improved patient education materials, resulting in a 20% increase in patient engagement and understanding of their care plans. I believe that my ability to identify areas for improvement and drive positive change will contribute to UnitedHealth Group’s ongoing efforts to enhance patient experiences.

I am excited about the opportunity to join the UnitedHealth Group team and to continue to expand my skillset as a Travel Nurse. I am confident that my experience, adaptability, and passion for healthcare will enable me to make a meaningful impact in this role.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further.


[Your Name]

Why This Cover Letter Works in 2023

Efficient Patient Management

In this cover letter, the candidate highlights their ability to manage multiple patients while maintaining a high patient satisfaction rating. This demonstrates their competence and efficiency in a nursing role, which is crucial for a Travel Nurse.

Adaptability and Clinical Skills

The candidate's adaptability and strong clinical skills are emphasized, which are essential for a Travel Nurse who will be working in various locations and settings. This shows they are well-prepared for the challenges that come with the role.

Improving Patient Education

By showcasing a successful project that enhanced patient education, the candidate demonstrates their initiative and ability to bring about positive change. This makes them stand out as a proactive and results-driven professional.

Travel Nurse Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

Ever since I was a child, I had a fascination with the human body and how it works. I remember my mom, a nurse herself, would bring home medical journals and I would pour over them for hours, captivated by the world of healthcare. I knew then that I was destined to be a nurse. So, when I came across the Travel Nurse position at HCA Healthcare, I was thrilled at the opportunity to merge two things I love - nursing and travel.

At RW Medical Center, I was part of a fast-paced ER team where I honed my skills in patient care, multi-tasking, and dealing with high-pressure situations. I was awarded the Employee of the Year for my ability to handle trauma cases swiftly and effectively, resulting in a 20% reduction in patient waiting time. My experience at RW Medical Center, coupled with my passion for travel, makes me a perfect fit for HCA Healthcare's Travel Nurse role.

During my stint at RW Tech Hospital, I was part of a team that implemented a tech-based patient management system that improved patient care by 30%. This experience of using technology to improve patient care would be invaluable in a forward-thinking organization like HCA Healthcare.

Being a Travel Nurse at HCA Healthcare is not just another job for me. It's an opportunity to impact lives, meet new people, and explore new places while doing what I love. I am excited at the prospect of being part of a team that is making a difference in the healthcare industry.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to HCA Healthcare.

[Your Name]


Why This Cover Letter Works in 2023

Showcasing Relevant Skills

When you speak about your experience in a fast-paced ER team, it proves you're not just any nurse, but one who's capable of handling pressure and juggling tasks efficiently. This tells me you have the chops to handle a high-stress role like a Travel Nurse.

Highlighting Match to Role

Bringing up your medical experience along with your love for travel, and then connecting it to the role you're applying for, paints a perfect image of your candidacy. It's like a puzzle piece clicking into place.

Understanding Employer’s Need

By emphasizing your experience with technology in patient care, you're aligning yourself to HCA Healthcare's vision. This tells me that you've done your homework about our ethos and needs.

Drive and Passion

The way you express excitement about the prospect of making a difference in healthcare makes me feel your passion. It's refreshing to see an applicant who's enthusiastic about the impact they can make, rather than just looking for a paycheck.


Senior Travel Nurse Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

I still remember my first day as a nurse - the anxiety, the excitement, the responsibility. It was overwhelming, but I knew I was in the right place. Since then, I have grown in my career, gaining valuable experience and skills. So, when I saw the Senior Travel Nurse position at Kaiser Permanente, I knew it was the next step in my career.

In my role as a Travel Nurse at RW Medical Center, I successfully coordinated with doctors and nurses across multiple departments, managing patient care and ensuring smooth operations. My proactive approach and ability to handle emergencies led to a 15% increase in patient satisfaction. With my extensive experience in patient care and management, I am confident I can bring significant value to Kaiser Permanente.

At RW Tech Hospital, I led a team that pioneered the use of telemedicine for remote patient monitoring, reducing hospital readmissions by 25%. This experience of leading a team and implementing innovative solutions would be beneficial in a leading healthcare organization like Kaiser Permanente.

The Senior Travel Nurse role at Kaiser Permanente is an opportunity to leverage my skills and experiences in a challenging and rewarding environment. I am excited about the potential to learn, grow, and contribute to your organization.

Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to further discuss how I can contribute to Kaiser Permanente.

[Your Name]

Why This Cover Letter Works in 2023

Mentioning Leadership Skills

As a Senior Travel Nurse, one needs to coordinate not just with patients but with multiple teams. Your experience in doing so shows me that you have the leadership and management skills needed for this role.

Confidence in Abilities

When you confidently state that you can bring significant value to Kaiser Permanente, it's infectious. It makes me as a recruiter want to see if your confidence is backed by your performance.

Experience with Innovation

Your success with telemedicine at RW Tech Hospital is a testament to your ability to adapt to new technologies and lead innovation. This is an essential trait for a senior role at a leading healthcare organization like Kaiser Permanente.

Seeing Potential

Observing the Senior Travel Nurse role as a platform to leverage your skills and experiences shows your career-mindedness. It indicates that you're not just applying for a job, but seeking a role that stimulates your growth and development.

Alternative Introductions

If you're struggling to start your cover letter, here are 6 different variations that have worked for others, along with why they worked. Use them as inspiration for your introductory paragraph.

As an adventurous individual with a deep-rooted passion for healthcare, I was ecstatic to discover the Travel Nurse opening at Kaiser Permanente. My fascination with healthcare developed from a young age, surrounded by family members who worked in the field. From immersing myself in different cultures while studying abroad in college to volunteering at clinics in underprivileged communities, I have always sought out opportunities to grow my nursing skills while experiencing the world. Kaiser Permanente's dedication to delivering top-notch healthcare and its expansive network of facilities present the perfect opportunity for someone like me who thrives in diverse environments and seeks continuous professional development.
This intro effectively showcases the applicant's passion for both healthcare and travel, making it clear that they are a great fit for a Travel Nurse role at Kaiser Permanente.

When I saw the Travel Nurse position at Mayo Clinic, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for a nurse like me who has always been passionate about providing exceptional care and exploring new places. Growing up in a small town, I had the pleasure of volunteering at our local hospital, where I witnessed the impact of high-quality healthcare on our community. This experience ignited my desire to help others through nursing and fueled my curiosity to experience other communities in need. Mayo Clinic's unwavering dedication to delivering the best care possible, combined with its strong presence nationwide, makes it the ideal organization for me to continue my personal and professional growth.
This intro paints a picture of the applicant's background and upbringing, showing their genuine interest in nursing and community, which connects well with Mayo Clinic's values.

Having been exposed to a variety of patient care settings through my clinical rotations, I was ecstatic to find the Travel Nurse position at Aya Healthcare. Over the years, I've had the chance to learn and adapt to different care environments, ranging from busy emergency rooms to specialized rehabilitation centers. I have thrived in each unique setting and consistently received praise for my ability to quickly adjust and deliver high-quality care. Aya Healthcare's commitment to connecting passionate nurses with diverse healthcare institutions across the country is precisely the reason I believe I am the perfect fit for this opportunity.
The intro highlights the applicant's adaptability and experience in various care settings, showing their readiness for Aya Healthcare's Travel Nurse role.

As a Registered Nurse with a penchant for exploring new places and immersing myself in diverse cultures, the Travel Nurse opportunity at American Mobile Healthcare immediately caught my attention. I have always been a firm believer in the power of hands-on experience, and my nursing career has been no exception. From participating in a medical mission trip to Haiti to volunteering at a local health clinic in my hometown, I have been exposed to a wide range of healthcare environments. American Mobile Healthcare's focus on offering nurses the chance to grow their skills while traveling the nation presents the perfect opportunity for someone like me who craves new experiences and continuous learning.
This intro uses personal anecdotes to demonstrate the applicant's passion for travel and nursing, making them an ideal candidate for American Mobile Healthcare's Travel Nurse role.

I was excited to come across the Travel Nurse position at Cross Country Nurses, as it combines my two greatest passions: healthcare and travel. Throughout my career, I never shied away from taking on new challenges and learning from various healthcare environments. My experience working as a disaster relief nurse during hurricane season in the Gulf Coast reaffirmed my love for nursing and further ignited my adventurous spirit. Cross Country Nurses' dedication to providing nurses with diverse opportunities while ensuring top-quality patient care aligns with my personal and professional aspirations.
This intro conveys the applicant's strong commitment to helping others in various situations and their adventurous nature, making them a great fit for Cross Country Nurses' Travel Nurse role.