3 Experienced Dental Assistant Cover Letters

Approved by real hiring managers, these Experienced Dental Assistant cover letters have been proven to get people hired in 2024. A hiring manager explains why.

Hiring Manager for Experienced Dental Assistant Roles
Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
Senior Hiring Manager
20+ Years of Experience

Experienced Dental Assistant Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

As a dental assistant with over five years of experience, I was thrilled to come across the Experienced Dental Assistant position at Aspen Dental – a company that truly stands out in the industry for its commitment to quality patient care and investment in employee growth. I've always admired how Aspen Dental focuses on providing affordable dental care to underserved communities, and I'm excited to contribute to this mission in a meaningful way.

In my previous role at SmileBright Dental Clinic, I was responsible for streamlining the patient check-in process, which resulted in a 25% reduction in wait times and a significant increase in overall patient satisfaction. I believe this experience demonstrates my ability to identify areas for improvement and implement effective solutions, which would greatly benefit Aspen Dental's ongoing efforts to enhance patient experience. Additionally, I have a proven track record of building strong relationships with both patients and colleagues, as evidenced by my nomination for the "Team Player of the Year" award at my current workplace, Resume Worded Dental.

What excites me most about the Experienced Dental Assistant role at Aspen Dental is the opportunity to work within a company that values continuous learning and professional development. I am eager to further expand my skillset and contribute to the success of the dental team, while also making a genuine impact on the lives of the patients I serve.

Thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to the opportunity to discuss how my experience and passion for patient care can contribute to the continued success of Aspen Dental.


[Your Name]

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Why This Cover Letter Works in 2024

Quantifiable Impact on Patient Experience

This cover letter highlights a specific accomplishment that demonstrates the applicant's ability to improve patient experience. It's important to show how your actions have led to measurable, positive outcomes in your past roles.

Emphasis on Relationship Building

By mentioning the "Team Player of the Year" nomination, the applicant showcases their ability to build strong relationships with both patients and colleagues, which is essential for the role of a dental assistant. Always highlight your interpersonal skills in a cover letter!

Expressing Excitement for Professional Growth

The applicant's enthusiasm for continuous learning and professional development shows they are genuinely interested in the role and company. It's crucial to convey your excitement for the opportunity and how it aligns with your career goals.

Experienced Dental Assistant Cover Letter Example

Dear Dr. Smith,

When I first heard about the opportunity to join Crest Oral Healthcare, I was immediately drawn in by your commitment to providing high-quality dental care with a personal touch. As a dental assistant with more than six years of experience, I have always believed that exceptional dental care is about more than just procedures and paperwork; it’s about creating a warm and welcoming environment for patients.

At RW Dental Clinic, I managed a diverse patient base of over 300 individuals, from children visiting the dentist for the first time to elderly patients needing more complex care. I was recognized for my ability to put patients at ease, resulting in a 15% increase in patient satisfaction scores. I also implemented a new scheduling system that increased office efficiency by 20%.

I am excited about the chance to bring my unique blend of technical skills and patient care to Crest Oral Healthcare. Your dedication to using the latest dental technology while maintaining a friendly and welcoming atmosphere aligns perfectly with my own approach to dental care.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to the Crest Oral Healthcare team and continuing to provide excellent patient care.

[Your Name]

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Why This Cover Letter Works in 2024

Show Your Passion for The Company

This candidate knows and understands Crest Oral Healthcare's values, and it's clear they're passionate about being part of the team. This isn't just a job for them, it's an opportunity to contribute to a company they believe in. This kind of enthusiasm is infectious and can make you a more attractive candidate.

Quantify Your Achievements

This candidate managed a diverse patient base and increased patient satisfaction by 15%. They also improved office efficiency by 20%. These are real, measureable achievements with numerical proof. If you've made a similar impact, make sure you mention it. It really helps us understand how you've made a difference in your past roles.

Entry-Level Dental Assistant Cover Letter Example

Dear Dr. Johnson,

When I graduated from my dental assistant program, I knew I wanted to work somewhere like Smile Bright Dental. Your emphasis on patient education and preventative care resonates with my own beliefs about the importance of these aspects in providing comprehensive dental care.

During my internship at RW Dental Clinic, I assisted with over 50 procedures per week, ranging from routine cleanings to more complex surgeries. Despite being a newcomer to the field, I was often commended for my ability to quickly learn new procedures and techniques. I also developed a keen eye for detail, which helped improve the accuracy of patient records by 10%.

I am enthusiastic about bringing my passion for dental care, eagerness to learn, and commitment to patient comfort to Smile Bright Dental. I am particularly interested in your focus on educating patients about oral health, and I am excited to contribute to this important aspect of your practice.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the Smile Bright Dental team and to continue to learn and grow as a dental professional.

[Your Name]
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Why This Cover Letter Works in 2024

Align Your Goals with The Company's

We love seeing when a candidate's own beliefs align with our mission. In this case, the candidate shares Smile Bright Dental's focus on patient education and preventative care. This shows us that they're invested in our specific approach, which is a strong indication they'll fit well within our team.

Highlight Your Learning Ability and Attention to Detail

This candidate clearly states they picked up new procedures quickly and their attention to detail improved patient records accuracy. These are great qualities to highlight, particularly for an entry-level role. It tells us that they're fast learners and pay close attention to their work, both of which are crucial skills in the dental field.

Alternative Introductions

If you're struggling to start your cover letter, here are 6 different variations that have worked for others, along with why they worked. Use them as inspiration for your introductory paragraph.

As someone who has spent their entire career within the dental industry, I've always appreciated the way Heartland Dental fosters a culture of collaboration and personal growth. In fact, it was a conversation with a Heartland Dental employee that initially sparked my interest in becoming a dental assistant over five years ago - and now, I am excited for the possibility of joining the team and helping to create positive patient experiences as an Experienced Dental Assistant.
This intro establishes a personal anecdote that connects the candidate to the company and shows dedication to the dental field, which will resonate with the hiring manager.

While I was volunteering at a dental clinic during a mission trip to a rural community, I noticed how essential access to quality dental care was for the well-being of the residents. Seeing Western Dental's commitment to delivering quality care across economic barriers resonated with my experiences, and I'm eager to join the team as an Experienced Dental Assistant and contribute toward your mission of making oral healthcare accessible to all.
This intro highlights the candidate's shared values with the company, and the personal experience provides a compelling reason for wanting to join the team.

I recently came across a video featuring Pacific Dental Services' mobile dental clinic initiative, and I was instantly inspired by how the company uses innovation to reach underserved communities. With five years of experience as a dental assistant, I am thrilled to apply for the Experienced Dental Assistant position and contribute to the ongoing success of your groundbreaking initiatives.
This intro showcases the candidate's enthusiasm for the company's unique approach to dental care and demonstrates their knowledge and understanding of what sets the company apart.

While attending a dental conference last year, I had the opportunity to meet several Gentle Dental employees who spoke highly of the company's supportive work environment and commitment to employee development. These conversations resonated with my own career aspirations, and I am excited to apply for the Experienced Dental Assistant position, where I believe my five years of experience would make a significant impact on your dental team.
By mentioning personal interactions with the company's employees, this intro demonstrates genuine interest in the company and highlights the candidate's desire to be part of a supportive team.

I have always admired Great Expressions Dental Centers' dedication to not only providing exceptional dental care but also striving to have a positive impact on the environment. As an Experienced Dental Assistant with five years under my belt, I am excited to apply my skills and passion for eco-friendly practices within a company that shares my values, making a difference both inside and outside the dental chair.
This intro emphasizes the candidate's alignment with the company's commitment to environmental responsibility, showing that they would be a great cultural fit for the organization.