A Recruiter-Backed Guide to Jobs and Companies that Hire Quickly

Ready to get hired fast? Here are some of the most popular jobs and companies that are known for quick hires.

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By Rohan Mahtani
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Whether you haven’t been working for a few days (or months), it sounds like you’re ready to find job ASAP - preferably one that hires quickly. The bills don’t stop coming just because you’re out of work, and not knowing when your next paycheck is coming can be nerve-wracking.

While finding your dream job might not be an option right now, some roles are always hiring. If you want to get back to work fast, apply for in-demand positions with a high turnover. These could be roles like a sales associate, receptionist, or delivery driver.  

Likewise, there are different companies that are well-known for posting jobs that hire fast. Companies with a reputation for speedy hiring processes include UPS, Ritchie Bros, Uber, and T-Mobile. For more specific tips about how to find quick-hire jobs, read on.

A quick reference guide to jobs and companies that hire quickly
A quick reference guide to jobs and companies that hire quickly

Jobs and companies that hire quickly

When it comes to finding jobs and companies that hire quickly, the only thing you should worry about is whether or not the listing is legit. Here are some reputable jobs and companies that are famous for selecting new hires fast.

Jobs that hire quickly

If you’re coming from a full-time job, you’ll soon find that quick-hire jobs are often categorized as contract, part-time or temporary work. Here’s is what those mean:

  • A contract job means you’ll only work for the employer for a set period of time or while you complete a specific task. Once the job is done, so is your employment.
  • A part-time job means you’ll be working less than 30 or 35 hours per week. It’s more stable than being a contract employee because you have no end date, but you still probably won’t get the same benefits as a full-time employee.
  • A temporary job is a happy medium between a contract and part-time job. These roles usually come from staffing agencies. When you work a temp job, you’ll likely be in the position for a few months to a year.

Most jobs that are easy to get hired for don’t require you to have a specific skill set. Often, this means they’re entry-level positions, and they might not offer the best benefits — if any at all. They also might not pay a lot, but they pay better than nothing.

Here are some quick-turnover jobs that are easy to get hired for:

If you're aiming for a swift job search and considering roles in quick-hire industries like startups or delivery services, upload your resume to the tool below, and it will analyze how well your transferable skills align with the requirements of these jobs.

Companies that hire fast

Here are some companies that are famous for hiring quickly.

Startup companies

If you’re thinking about long-term job prospects, startups are risky. They might declare bankruptcy in a year, or they might evolve into the next Apple. However, if you’re hunting for fast-hiring companies, they’re perfect.

Startups often have an immediate need for new workers, so you can expect the hiring process to be quick and flexible. Vacancies at these companies are usually posted on LinkedIn or other job boards.

UPS delivery positions

People are always ordering packages that need to be delivered, and UPS needs workers to deliver these boxes.

While demand for UPS delivery positions is usually higher around the holiday season, this company regularly hires people to help meet their customers’ needs. Vacant jobs are consistently posted on UPS’ website.


Whether you’re driving for Uber or with UberEats, this work puts you in the “independent contractor” category. You’ll only get paid when you drive, which means your income isn’t guaranteed. If you live in a busy area and keep your car clean, however, it can be a lucrative gig.

In any case, Uber is known for onboarding new drivers quickly. If you need to start making money quickly while you look for more stable work, applying to work through Uber is a solid choice.


Fast food chains like McDonald’s have famously high staff turnovers. If you’re looking to get hired quickly, this is a good thing because it means there are almost always job postings.

Plus, if you have solid work experience, you might be able to bypass an entry-level cashier position and start working as a manager. You can find fast food openings on most job boards or on the company’s website.

How to improve your chances of quick hiring

When it comes to getting hired quickly, your best line of defense is having an optimized resume that stands out from the crowd. Use our free resume checker and our tool for targeting resumes to quickly match your application to the job description you’re applying for.

This way, you can make sure your resume gets through the applicant tracking system (ATS) and in front of a human reader as soon as possible.

You can also improve your chances of getting hired quickly by:

  • Leveraging your LinkedIn network for referrals. One of your connection’s companies might be hiring, so ask around for referrals.
  • Searching for contract work on sites like Upwork. These freelancing platforms are filled with remote job opportunities ranging in everything from writing and editing to being a virtual assistant or translator.
  • Highlighting your transferable skills. Show what makes you a top-tier candidate by showcasing your transferable skills like communication and leadership.

With a little effort and a lot of patience, you’ll be able to find a new job soon.

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