How to Effectively Indicate Availability on Your Resume

Be it part-time, full-time or freelance work, availability matters. Learn how to showcase your availability on your resume in a succinct and professional way

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Whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, freelance, or remote work, availability is a key piece of information that many applicants overlook. Your resume should showcase your skills and experience, but it should also tell recruiters what type of work you’re looking for and the time commitment you can provide an employer.

Resume availability can be as simple as stating that you’re “available full-time” or be a detailed list of times and dates depending on your industry and schedule.

Let’s take a look at how to clearly communicate availability in your resume and what details to include for different applications.

Where to write availability on your resume

Recruiters want to know quickly if you are available for the specific job they’re hiring for. Don’t make them work for it. Write your availability clearly at the top of your resume so they know they should keep reading. Include your availability either in your contact information, header, or resume summary.

Below is an example of how to list full-time availability under your contact information.

an example of how to list full-time availability in your resume under your contact information
an example of how to list full-time availability in your resume under your contact information

Availability for full-time work

When applying for a full-time position, it is important to let an employer know when you can start and that you can commit to the required schedule. Here are some options for formatting your availability on your resume depending on your circumstances and the industry you’re applying for.

Start Date

If you are relocating soon, returning to work after leave, or ending your current employment, provide a specific date when you will be available for full-time work.

For example:

Available full-time starting August 2023

Specific hours

If you have specific hours and days when you will be available each week, state these clearly on your resume. This is advisable if your hours are non-negotiable, for example working around childcare or another work commitment.

For example:

Available Monday - Friday, 7am-5pm

The 9-5 standard

9-5 Monday to Friday is considered a standard work week for most full-time positions. When applying for these positions you do not need to specify that you will be available during these hours. By simply stating that you are “available full-time” this standard work schedule is implied.

Non-standard hours

To indicate availability outside of the standard 9-5, include that you’re available on weekends or extended hours. This is beneficial for industries that require unusual hours and can show a recruiter that you’re aware of the specific requirements of the job.

For example:

Available Monday - Sunday with extended hours on weekends
Available for extended hours Monday - Friday, weekends negotiable

Available to start immediately

If you do not need to provide notice at your current employment and don't have any other full-time commitments, state that you can start work immediately. This gives you an edge over other candidates who will be delayed in starting and will impress recruiters looking to fill a position ASAP.

Availability for part-time work

Part-time work is a booming sector, offering flexible hours to fit everyone’s schedule. Clearly stating your availability for part-time or casual work is crucial as the standard 9-5 workweek does not apply. Being specific about your availability helps recruiters understand what you’re offering, and will negate any complications regarding competing commitments further down the road.

Specific days and hours

If a job posting specifies the hours or days required, reiterate these hours on your resume to show that you have read and understood the posting and are available when the employer needs.

For example:

Available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10am-2pm

Other Commitments

If you have multiple other part-time commitments, detail your availability clearly including dates, days, and times as needed.

For example:

Available Mondays 9am-5pm, Wednesdays 12pm-8pm

Negotiable hours and flexibility

If you are looking for part-time work but do not have a set schedule, state that your hours are flexible or negotiable. Flexible scheduling can be a major bonus in certain industries.

Here are some examples of how to word that you are open to a flexible schedule:

Available Wednesday-Friday, negotiable hours
Available for flexible hours as needed
Open to flexible scheduling

Availability for freelance work

A freelance resume will vary depending on the industry or project you’re undertaking, but a recruiter still wants to know that you’ll be available when they need you.

You can either indicate the specific days and hours you will be available for work, how many hours you can commit to a week, or how long you will be able to commit to specific projects. Examples include:

Available for freelance work, 30+ hrs/week
Available for projects on a 1-2 month basis
Available as needed, open to offers

Availability for virtual and remote work

Availability for virtual and remote work follows the same rules as part-time and full-time applications, but be sure to include your local time zone as you might be working with international clients who will need to contact you outside of your local 9-5. This lets your employer know when to expect communication and when you will be unavailable/offline.

Available 7am-7pm PST, Monday - Saturday.

Tailor your availability to your industry

Certain industries have specific scheduling needs depending on the demands of the job. For example, healthcare professionals will likely require 12-hour shifts and availability over holidays and weekends. If you are aware of these requirements, list them on your resume to demonstrate an understanding of the role and a willingness to work non-traditional hours.

If you are unsure if your resume is specifically tailored to your industry, use our Score My Resume tool to check your resume against key criteria that recruiters in your field are looking for. Our tool will give you actionable feedback to improve your resume if any sections or preferences are missing, and help you ensure you worded your availability correctly.

What your finished availability should look like

Above is a complete list of options for showcasing your availability on your resume but you don’t need to include everything. Only include what’s relevant to you and your particular industry and be as specific or open as your schedule requires. And it goes without saying that honesty is key. The only wrong way to write your availability is to imply a schedule you can’t commit to.

Your finished availability might end up looking something like this:

Available for part-time work from Aug 2023, 7am-7pm PST, Mon-Sat

Your availability is only a few words, but it’s worth taking the time to get it right. Update your availability frequently to keep your resume current and make it easy for recruiters to find. Well-crafted and relevant availability is just another way to make your resume stand out and win you that all-important interview.

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