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French Tutor Resume Keywords and Skills (Hard Skills)

Here are the keywords and skills that appear most frequently on recent French Tutor job postings. In other words, these are the most sought after skills by recruiters and hiring managers. Go to Sample Templates ↓ below to see how to include them on your resume.

Remember that every job is different. Instead of including all keywords on your resume, identify those that are most relevant to the job you're applying to. Use the free Targeted Resume tool to help with this.

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  • French Teaching
  • French to English
  • Translation
  • English to French
  • Language Teaching
  • Editing
  • Writing
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  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Social Media
  • Event Planning
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Creative Writing
  • Lesson Planning
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Adobe Photoshop

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Sample French Tutor Resume Examples: How To Include These Skills

Add keywords directly into your resume's work experiences, education or Skills section, like we've shown in the examples below. Use the examples below as inspiration.

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Your Name
French Tutor
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •
Resume Worded November 2020 - Present
Senior French Tutor
Masterminded a comprehensive French curriculum, enriching language acquisition for over 100 students, resulting in a 95% pass rate for DELF examinations.
Conducted a series of webinars on English to French translation strategies for a community of 300+ members, sharing knowledge on nuances of both languages.
Implemented innovative teaching methodologies, including use of diverse media resources, enhancing students' grasp of French culture by 60%.
Championed the incorporation of Adobe Photoshop into lesson materials, enhancing visual content by 50% and student engagement by 40%.
Leveraged prowess in French and English, editing and proofreading over 1,000 documents, enhancing linguistic standards.
Lingua Franca Language Center May 2018 - October 2020
French Tutor
Provided comprehensive French language tutoring to 70+ students, resulting in an average improvement of 30% in students' language proficiency.
Organized biweekly language immersion events for students, enhancing their conversational skills and cultural familiarity by 25% through practical interaction.
Leveraged social media platforms for language practice challenges, leading to active learning participation increase by 40%. September 2016 - April 2018
Peer Tutor in French
Provided one-on-one peer tutoring in French to 30+ fellow students, resulting in an average grade improvement of 15%.
Created a language resource blog for additional assistance, receiving 500+ monthly visits from French language learners.
Resume Worded Institute August 2016
Master's in French Linguistics and Teaching
Focused on advanced French grammatical structures and teaching methods
Resume Worded University May 2014
Bachelor of Arts – French and Education
Minors in Education and World Literatures
Awards: Dean's List 2014 (Top 10%), Teaching Assistant French Language Lab
Language: French (Native), English (Fluent), Spanish (Basic)
Educational Tech: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Moodle, Blackboard, Turnitin, Kahoot!
Other Tech: Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Trello
Language Techniques: Total Physical Response (TPR), Natural Approach, Lexical approach
Certifications: Certified in Teaching French as a Foreign Language from Association Française de Linguistique Appliquée.
Leadership & Volunteering: Adult Literacy Tutor at Resume Worded Community Center, French Club Advisor at Lingua Franca Language Center
Professional memberships: Member of American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
Projects: Established a Virtual French Cultural Exchange Program between learners and native speakers
Your Name
French Language Consultant
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •
Rosetta Translations January 2019 - Present
Senior French Language Consultant
Spearheaded French-English translation projects for 80+ clients, ensuring smooth cross-cultural communications and expanding client base by 30%.
Initiated French language training for 20+ corporate clients, tailoring the instruction to industry-specific vocab, which boosted their business negotiations with French partners by 35%.
Leveraged writing skills to contribute to the company's blog on French language and culture, reaching an audience of 1000+ monthly readers.
Streamlined workflow to increase productivity, resulting in 50% quicker turnaround times for translation projects.
Advised on intercultural communication strategies for newly-instated French departments in 5 multinational firms, facilitating seamless launch operations.
Bridging Cultures Ltd. June 2016 - December 2018
French Language Consultant
Assisted 50+ businesses in successful French market entry through tailored linguistic services, leading to a 25% increase in their overseas customers.
Pioneered a French language & cultural training program, improving intercultural competence for over 100 corporate employees.
Edited bilingual company materials to maintain language consistency and accuracy, improving understanding by 40%.
Resume Worded Academic Center June 2014
Master's in French Language and Literature
Specialisation in French Linguistics
Resume Worded University May 2012
Bachelor of Arts in French Studies
Minors in Linguistics and Education
Awards: Resume Worded Outstanding Language Student (Winner, 2011)
Languages: French (Native), English (Fluent), Italian (Basic)
Translation Tools: Trados, Wordfast, Memsource, Fluency, OmegaT, Déjà Vu
Digital Communication Platforms: Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype for Business
Office Tools: Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, Dropbox, Adobe Acrobat Pro
Certifications: Certified Translator, American Translators Association (ATA) (2018), TEFL Certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) (2016)
Volunteering: French Tutor, Global Language Network (2017 - Present)
Courses: Advanced Translation Course: Legal and Business French, Resume Worded Institute (2020)
Projects: Translated 'Modern Business Conversations' book series into French (2017 – 2018)
Your Name
French Language Instructor
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •
Resume Worded February 2020 - Present
Senior French Language Instructor
Planned, organized, and delivered instructional lessons for 120+ students, achieving a 97% pass rate in French language examinations.
Managed regular French immersion events, promoting appreciation of French culture and improving students' conversational skills by 40%.
Utilized creative writing skills to design engaging lesson materials, increasing student participation by 15%.
Integrated digital media into lesson plans, stimulating interactivity and boosting class involvement by 30%.
Performed rigorous research to update curriculum, reflecting current linguistic trends and maintaining a top-notch standard of instruction.
Resume Worded Institute January 2020
Master's Degree in French Language and Literature
Graduated Summa Cum Laude, GPA: 3.97
Resume Worded University May 2018
Bachelor's Degree in Arts - French Studies
Double minors in Linguistics and Education
Specialized coursework in foreign language teaching methods
Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Intermediate), German (Basic)
Teaching Methodologies: Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT), Whole Language Approach, Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
Software: Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Moodle, Blackboard, Schoology
Curriculum Development & Assessment: Lesson planning, Curriculum design, Student assessment and feedback, Differentiated instruction, Formative assessments, Summative Assessments
Certifications: Certified French Language Proficiency - DALF C1 (2020), TESOL/TEFL Certification (2018)
Awards: Outstanding Newcomer Award - Resume Worded (2020), Most Innovative Teaching Method - Statewide Language Teaching Conference (2021)
Volunteering: French Language Tutor - Resume Worded Community Outreach, Content Creator - Online French Language Learning Blog

How do I add skills to a French Tutor resume?

Review the job posting closely.

Go through the French Tutor posting you're applying to, and identify hard skills the company is looking for. For example, skills like Language Teaching, Translation and French Teaching are possible skills. These are skills you should try to include on your resume.

Add industry skills like Editing and Writing.

Add other common skills from your industry - such as English to French, French to English and Research - into your resume if they're relevant.

Add skills into your work experience.

Incorporate skills - like Intercultural Communication, Social Media and Event Planning - into your work experience too. This shows hiring managers that you have practical experience with these tools, techniques and skills.

Highlight your proficiency level with languages.

On French Tutor resumes, we'd recommend including a note on the languages you know, so hiring managers are able to understand your level of proficiency.

Use the exact job title.

Try to add the exact job title, French Tutor, somewhere into your resume to get past resume screeners. See the infographic for how to do this.

Word Cloud for French Tutor Skills & Keywords

The following word cloud highlights the most popular keywords that appear on French Tutor job descriptions. The bigger the word, the more frequently it shows up on employer's job postings. If you have experience with these keywords, include them on your resume.

Top French Tutor Skills and Keywords to Include On Your Resume

French Tutor Soft Skills

Here are common soft skills that appear on French Tutor job postings. Unlike hard skills, which refer to tools, software or techniques, soft skills focus on character traits and interpersonal skills. Instead of listing these phrases on your resume, try to show them through your bullet points like in the examples below.

  • Communication

Tip: Do not list these words or phrases on your resume, and instead focus on the hard skills we described above.

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French Tutor Resume Templates

Here are examples of proven resumes in related jobs and industries, approved by experienced hiring managers. Use them as inspiration when you're writing your own resume. You can even download and edit the resume template in Google Docs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top skills you should add to your French Tutor resume?

Some effective French Tutor skills you can add to your resume include:

  • French Teaching
  • French to English
  • Translation
  • English to French
  • Language Teaching
  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Research

Target your Resume to a Job Description

While the keywords above are a good indication of what skills you need on your resume, you should try to find additional keywords that are specific to the job. To do this, use the free Targeted Resume tool. It analyzes the job you are applying to and finds the most important keywords you need on your resume.

It is personalized to your resume, and is the best way to ensure your resume will pass the automated resume filters.

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