Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Biologist Resume Keywords and Skills (Hard Skills)

Here are the keywords and skills that appear most frequently on recent Wildlife Biologist job postings. In other words, these are the most sought after skills by recruiters and hiring managers. Go to Sample Templates ↓ below to see how to include them on your resume.

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Choose a category
  • Wildlife
  • Ecology
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Endangered Species
  • Field Work
  • Conservation Issues
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Wildlife Management
  • Environmental Education
  • Natural Resources
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Wetlands
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Biology
  • ArcGIS Products
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Resume Skills: Field

  • Plant Identification
  • Soil Sampling
  • Wildlife Tracking
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Camera Trapping
  • Drone Mapping
  • Vegetation identification
  • Soil sampling
  • Wildlife tracking
  • Botanical surveying
  • Wildlife Population Surveys
  • Habitat Assessment
  • Species Identification
  • VHF Tracking
  • Trapping and Translocations
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Water Sampling
  • Forest Monitoring
  • Bird Banding

Resume Skills: Research

  • Ecological Surveys
  • Population Monitoring
  • Habitat Conservation
  • Field Research
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Scientific Writing
  • Ecological Forecasting
  • Biodiversity Assessment
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Habitat Modelling
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Trend Analysis

Resume Skills: Technical

  • GIS (Geographic Information System)
  • GPS Tracking
  • Radio-Telemetry
  • Statistical Analysis (R, SPLUS, SPSS)
  • GIS
  • R
  • SPSS
  • Remote Sensing
  • QGIS
  • MapInfo
  • Statistical Analysis
  • SQL
  • GIS & Spatial Analysis
  • R for Statistical Analysis
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Remote Sensing Techniques
  • MS Office Suite
  • Python
  • AutoCAD

Resume Skills: Scientific Knowledge

  • Mammalogy
  • Ornithology
  • Herpetology
  • Entomology
  • Ichthyology
  • Botany

Resume Skills: Safety & First Aid

  • Wilderness First Responder
  • CPR and AED certified

Resume Skills: Research and Analysis Tools

  • ArcGIS
  • SPSS
  • R
  • Python
  • Bioinformatics Tools
  • SQL

Resume Skills: Environmental Assessment Techniques

  • Erosion Control
  • Hydrology modeling
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Soil Sampling
  • Ecotoxicology tests
  • Water Quality Monitoring

Resume Skills: Lab

  • DNA isolation and sequencing
  • Microscopy
  • Chromatography
  • Culturing techniques

Resume Skills: Software

  • MS Office
  • Google Suite
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • QuarkXpress

Resume Skills: Languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Latin for Species Classification
  • French

Resume Skills: Flora and Fauna Identification

  • Birds
  • Mammals
  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians
  • Trees
  • Bushes and flowers of North America

Resume Skills: Scientific Techniques

  • Population Sampling
  • Transect Surveying
  • Wildlife Tracking
  • Habitat Assessment
  • Invasive Species Management

Resume Skills: Software & Tools

  • ArcGIS
  • R
  • MARK
  • MS-Office
  • Python (Data Analysis)
  • QGIS

Resume Skills: Research & Analysis

  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Scientific Literature Review
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • GIS Mapping
  • Statistical Analysis

Resume Skills: Regulatory Compliance

  • Endangered Species Act (ESA)
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
  • Clean Water Act (CWA)
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • Environmental Auditing
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Sample Wildlife Biologist Resume Examples: How To Include These Skills

Add keywords directly into your resume's work experiences, education or Skills section, like we've shown in the examples below. Use the examples below as inspiration.

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Your Name
Wildlife Biologist
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Resume Worded May 2019 - Present
Lead Wildlife Biologist
Developed and spearheaded a Wildlife Management Program, enhancing understanding of complex ecological systems and reducing conservation issues by 35%.
Implemented rigorous field work and research methodologies, resulting in the identification and protection of 10 endangered species within the region.
Utilized ArcGIS Products to map and analyze over 100 square miles of wetlands, empowering informed decisions regarding environmental impacts.
Led a team of junior biologists, educating them on environmental policy and natural resource management, and achieving a 15% increase in team efficiency.
Conducted extensive environmental education workshops, increasing the company's environmental awareness and leading to 20% more donations towards conservation efforts.
Coached.com June 2020 - Present
Senior Wildlife Biologist
Created an effective wildlife monitoring program that reduced the occurrence of endangered species in critical habitats by 25%
Led a field team of 12 in conducting comprehensive ecological survey which resulted in discovery of 3 previously unidentified species
Designed automated data processing using ArcGIS Products that increased efficiency of species population analysis by 40%
Implemented environmental awareness and education programs, increasing public participation in conservation efforts by 60%
Developed model for assessing the impact of land development projects on wildlife habitats, significantly influencing environmental policy in favor of conservation
National Park Service March 2016 - April 2019
Wildlife Biologist
Initiated an endangered species monitoring program that resulted in a 25% increase in wildlife conservation in key habitats over 3 years.
Managed successful reforestation projects, leading to a 40% increase in natural resources in target areas, using environmental science techniques.
Maintained a database of diverse fauna and flora populations, using the Geographic Information Systems (GIS), enriching the local biodiversity knowledge base.
Resume Worded January 2018 - May 2020
Wildlife Biologist II
Designed and executed field work that led to identification of critical wildlife corridors, contributing to 15% increase in safe animal migrations
Spearheaded the successful removal of invasive species in over 300 acres of wetland areas
Managed a successful environmental impact assessment campaign, leading to stricter regulations on pollutants harmful to vulnerable species
National Wildlife Federation January 2013 - February 2016
Junior Wildlife Biologist
Collaborated with a team to conduct a yearly Environmental Impact Assessment, leading to the redevelopment of two wildlife protection policies.
Created awareness programs on local conservation issues, increasing community involvement by 30%.
Assisted in data collection and analysis using biology-oriented technologies, contributing to scientific research papers.
National Park Service December 2015 - December 2017
Junior Wildlife Biologist
Successfully collected and cataloged over 50,000 samples of wildlife data for scientific research
Facilitated 20+ community wildlife conservation workshops in alignment with environmental education initiatives
Contributed to team effort in protecting and restoring over 800 hectares of natural resources
Resume Worded University May 2018
Doctorate in Wildlife Science
Focus on conservation biology and wildlife management techniques
Resume Worded Institute March 2016
Master of Science in Ecology
Specialized courses in Animal Behavior and Population Ecology
Part-time; while working with the National Park Service
Flora and Fauna Identification: Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Trees, Bushes and flowers of North America
Scientific Techniques: Population Sampling, Transect Surveying, Wildlife Tracking, Habitat Assessment, Invasive Species Management
Software & Tools: ArcGIS, R, MARK, MS-Office, Python (Data Analysis), QGIS
Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Conversational), French (Basic)
Certifications: Certified Wildlife Biologist from The Wildlife Society, GIS Certification from ESRI
Leadership & Volunteering: President of the Local Ornithology Club, Volunteer at Smithville Animal Rescue Centre
Projects: Established an Animal Rehabilitation Program for injured wildlife at Resume Worded, Contributed to the 'Wildlife of America' photobook
Your Name
Conservation Scientist
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Coached.com August 2021 - Present
Lead Conservation Scientist
Successfully managed a $5m project budget across multiple conservation initiatives, resulting in the preservation of 1500+ acres of endangered ecosystems
Pioneered the use of advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) techniques for detailed ecosystem mapping, improving the project success rate by over 35%
Formed key partnerships with environmental consulting firms, enhancing our environmental impact assessment capabilities and data accuracy
Implemented new biodiversity conservation strategies, resulting in an improved survival rate of 30% for local rare and endangered species
Conducted cutting-edge research on conservation issues, influencing positive environmental policy changes at national level
Resume Worded February 2019 - July 2021
Conservation Scientist
Led a diverse team of 10 in multiple successful habitat restoration projects, yielding a recovery of 20+ endangered plant and animal species populations
Leveraged biology and environmental science knowledge to deliver a comprehensive biodiversity survey of regional parks
Applied statistical analysis to identify sustained trends in endangered species populations, informing future conservation decision making
Wildlife Conservation Society November 2015 - January 2019
Conservation Officer
Successfully designed and executed over 40 field surveys for comprehensive ecosystem evaluation
Contributed to the development of an effective environmental education program for local schools
Assisted in coordinating a city-wide Conservation Awareness week, boosting community involvement by 45%
Resume Worded University July 2015
Master’s Degree in Natural Resources Management
Specialized in Conservation Policy and Climate Change
Resume Worded Academic Center May 2013
Bachelor’s in Environmental Science
Minored in Biological Sciences
Recognized as top student in Conservation Biology course
Technical Skills: GIS, Remote Sensing, Statistical Analysis, R, SQL
Fieldwork Skills: Vegetation identification, Soil sampling, Wildlife tracking, Botanical surveying
Lab Skills: DNA isolation and sequencing, Microscopy, Chromatography, Culturing techniques
Software: MS Office, Google Suite, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXpress
Certifications: Certified Ecologist (Ecological Society of America), Remote Sensing Certified (American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing)
Publications: Published over 20 articles in renowned environmental journals including Nature Conservation
Volunteering: Participated in conservation projects with local communities and school groups in the area
Projects: Led project 'Adopt a Tree' for local community, resulting in 10,000 tree plantations
Your Name
Environmental Scientist
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Coached.com March 2021 - Present
Senior Environmental Scientist
Orchestrated the implementation of an inventive environmental awareness program, leading to an increase in community environmental stewardship by 70%
Championed a landmark environmental policy change on waste management, reducing landfill use by 30% over 2 years
Conducted 4 in-depth research projects on environmental issues for policy implications, boosting our government funding by 50%
Spearheaded a team of 15 in the assessment of environmental impacts of major developmental projects, influencing the redesigning of two projects to better protect natural resources
Employed advanced ArcGIS products for mapping ecological systems, contributing to a 20% increase in the accuracy of our environmental impact reports
Resume Worded May 2018 - February 2021
Environmental Scientist
Successfully coordinated a city-wide initiative to increase recycling habits, resulting in a 25% reduction in litter over 6 months
Performed a comprehensive environmental impact assessment for three major industrial projects, leading to the imposing of stricter emission regulations
Developed and delivered an engaging environmental education program to over 200 local school students, boosting school participation in recycling initiatives by 45%
Environmental Protection Agency June 2016 - April 2018
Research Assistant
Contributed to the development of water quality standards and regulations, leading to 15% reduction in water pollutants in local reservoirs
Assisted in compiling and analysing data on local ecosystems for strategic conservation planning
Participated in the design and execution of an award-winning environmental awareness program addressing local conservation issues
Resume Worded Institute Mar 2021
Certificate in Advanced Environmental Impact Analysis
Acquired specialized expertise in impact analysis techniques to mitigate environmental risks
Resume Worded University May 2016
Master's Degree in Environmental Science
Specialized in ecological and hydrological systems
Research and Analysis Tools: ArcGIS, SPSS, R, Python, Bioinformatics Tools, SQL
Environmental Assessment Techniques: Erosion Control, Hydrology modeling, Wetland Delineation, Soil Sampling, Ecotoxicology tests, Water Quality Monitoring
Certifications: Certified Wetland Scientist, Certified Environmental Professional
Leadership & Volunteering: Volunteer - GreenPlanet Conservation Group
Projects: Established a community recycling program, spearheaded an urban green space planning initiative
Your Name
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Coached.com June 2018 - Present
Senior Ecologist
Developed an interactive online platform educating public on environmental awareness, leading to a 50% increase in site visits and membership.
Guided a series of detailed studies on wetlands using Environmental Science methods, producing valuable data for Environmental Impact Assessments.
Supervised a 10-member team focused on natural resource conservation, resulting in a 20% reduction in environmental degradation.
Drafted and implemented environmental policies based on rigorous research in ecology, fostering an 30% improvement in local habitats.
Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) techniques in mapping environmental hotspots, aiding in the strategic planning of conservation projects.
The Wilderness Society February 2015 - May 2018
Field Ecologist
Pioneered a research study on local wildlife, contributing to the publication of five environmentally-related research papers.
Evaluated potential environmental impacts of corporate initiatives, reducing negative impacts by 40%.
Conducted educational seminars, bolstering community environmental education and increased community engagement by 35%.
Stanford University January 2012 - January 2015
Environmental Research Assistant
Assisted in a 3-year long research on ecological systems, facilitating updates on 15 endangered species profiles.
Participated in field work methodologies, collecting and processing data using environmental science techniques.
Led an initiative for campus-wide recycling, reducing non-organic waste by 30%.
Resume Worded University August 2012
Master of Science in Environmental Studies
Focus on Ecological Conservation and Biodiversity Assessment
Resume Worded Institute June 2010
Bachelor of Science - Biology
Minor in Geography
Member of the Environmental Society, organized campus-wide green initiative events
Research: Ecological Forecasting, Biodiversity Assessment, Environmental Monitoring, Habitat Modelling, Spatial Analysis, Trend Analysis
Technical: GIS, R, SPSS, Remote Sensing, QGIS, MapInfo
Fieldwork: Plant Identification, Soil Sampling, Wildlife Tracking, Water Quality Testing, Camera Trapping, Drone Mapping
Certifications: Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner (2018), GIS Professional Certification (2016)
Projects: Established Ecological Survey Methodologies for The Wilderness Society’s flagship biodiversity assessment initiative
Awards & Achievements: Best Paper Award in Ecological Modelling at the National Environmental Conference, 2017
Volunteering: Conservation Volunteer, Green Earth Organization (2011-2013), conducted community awareness programs about environmental conservation
Your Name
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Resume Worded April 2017 - Present
Chief Conservationist
Spearheaded a nationwide wildlife conservation campaign, securing $3m in funding over four years.
Developed and implemented aggresssive policies leading to a 40% decrease in local species extinction rate.
Used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to effectively monitor and manage wide-scale conservation efforts, reducing habitat conflict by 30%.
Designed and executed an innovative training program, enhancing the team's knowledge in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management.
Led environmental education initiatives, resulting in 1,000+ individuals trained in conservation issues and practices.
World Wildlife Fund August 2013 - March 2017
Conservation Biologist
Conducted intensive research on local fauna, leading to the discovery and conservation of 5 endangered species.
Provided strategic planning in wildlife management, reducing the negative impact of human activities on wildlife by 25%.
Developed a GIS database of native fauna, aiding the design of efficient and effective conservation strategies.
Coached.com January 2010 - July 2013
Environmental Specialist
Implemented and supervised environmental awareness programs, raising community involvement by 35%.
Assisted in the creation of environmental policies, contributing to a 20% increase in local sustainability measures.
Contributed to fieldwork and data analysis, aiding in the publication of 10 scientific papers over 3 years.
Resume Worded Institute April 2017
Postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Environmental Management
Thesis: An Applied Study of Environmental Conservation Techniques in Diverse Habitats
Resume Worded University December 2009
Bachelor of Science in Biology
Specialized in Ecology and Conservation Biology
Awarded Resume Worded Scholarship for Academic Merit
Research & Analysis: Data Collection, Data Analysis, Scientific Literature Review, Environmental Impact Assessment, GIS Mapping, Statistical Analysis
Technical Skills: MS Office Suite (Advanced), Python (Proficient), R (Proficient), QGIS (Intermediate), AutoCAD (Basic)
Field Skills: Plant Identification, Wildlife Tracking, Soil Sampling, Water Sampling, Forest Monitoring, Bird Banding
Regulatory Compliance: Endangered Species Act (ESA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Clean Water Act (CWA), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Environmental Auditing
Certifications: Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC), Ecological Restoration Certificate by Resume Worded Academic Center
Leadership & Volunteering: Founding Member of Resume Worded Environmental Club, Volunteer at Local National Park (2011-2015)
Publications: Authored 12 research papers and reports in reputed environmental journals, focusing on habit restoration, climate change, and wildlife conservation.
Trainings: Completed comprehensive trainings in First Aid, Wilderness Survival, and Fire Management

How do I add skills to a Wildlife Biologist resume?

Review the job posting closely.

Go through the Wildlife Biologist posting you're applying to, and identify hard skills the company is looking for. For example, skills like Wildlife, Conservation Issues and Endangered Species are possible skills. These are skills you should try to include on your resume.

Add industry skills like Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management.

Add other common skills from your industry - such as Wildlife Biology, Field Work and Ecology - into your resume if they're relevant.

Add skills into your work experience.

Incorporate skills - like Wildlife Management, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Policy - into your work experience too. This shows hiring managers that you have practical experience with these tools, techniques and skills.

Use the exact job title.

Try to add the exact job title, Wildlife Biologist, somewhere into your resume to get past resume screeners. See the infographic for how to do this.

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What are the top skills you should add to your Wildlife Biologist resume?

Here are some of the most popular skills we see on Wildlife Biologist resumes:

  • Wildlife
  • Ecology
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Endangered Species
  • Field Work
  • Conservation Issues

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