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Curriculum Manager Resume Keywords and Skills (Hard Skills)

Here are the keywords and skills that appear most frequently on recent Curriculum Manager job postings. In other words, these are the most sought after skills by recruiters and hiring managers. Go to Sample Templates ↓ below to see how to include them on your resume.

Remember that every job is different. Instead of including all keywords on your resume, identify those that are most relevant to the job you're applying to. Use the free Targeted Resume tool to help with this.

Choose a category
  • Curriculum Development
  • Staff Development
  • Educational Leadership
  • Adult Education
  • E-Learning
  • Higher Education
  • Leadership Development
  • Teaching
  • Training Delivery
  • Coaching
  • Educational Technology
  • Teacher Training
  • Education
  • Research
  • Organizational Development
  • Change Management
  • Personal Development
  • Instructional Design
  • Performance Management
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Captivate
  • Blended Learning
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Literacy
  • Program Development
  • Program Management
  • Military Operations
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Resume Skills: Curriculum Design Tools

  • InDesign
  • CAMS
  • Moodle
  • Blackboard
  • Litmos
  • BrainPOP
  • ProQuest

Resume Skills: Instructional Methodologies

  • Backward Design
  • Understanding by Design (UbD)
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Inquiry-based Learning
  • Direct Instruction

Resume Skills: Educational Software

  • Gradebook
  • Edmodo
  • Brightspace
  • AdminPlus
  • G Suite for Education
  • Canvas

Resume Skills: Languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French

Resume Skills: Curriculum Design

  • ADDIE Model
  • UbD Framework
  • Instructional Design Theory
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Learning Styles Theory
  • Mastery Learning

Resume Skills: Technology

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Google Classroom
  • Moodle
  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • D2L Brightspace
  • Distance Learning

Resume Skills: Assessment and Evaluation

  • Formative Assessment
  • Summative Assessment
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Performance-Based Assessment
  • Diagnostic Testing

Resume Skills: Curriculum Development Platforms

  • Articulate Storyline
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Lectora Inspire
  • Camtasia
  • iSpring
  • Elucidat

Resume Skills: Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Moodle
  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • Litmos
  • Docebo
  • Thinkific

Resume Skills: Education Technologies

  • Turnitin
  • Google Classroom
  • Respondus
  • Quizlet
  • Kahoot
  • Edmodo
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Sample Curriculum Manager Resume Examples: How To Include These Skills

Add keywords directly into your resume's work experiences, education or Skills section, like we've shown in the examples below. Use the examples below as inspiration.

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Your Name
Curriculum Manager
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •
Resume Worded May 2020 - Present
Senior Curriculum Developer
Launched a thorough revision of outdated course materials, effectively increasing user engagement by 25%
Lead and innovate the curriculum development process using various ed tech tools, leading to a 30% faster content development cycle
Regularly conducted training delivery and teaching sessions for junior staff to enhance their curriculum development capabilities
Directed substantial effort in driving Adult Education programs leading to an enrollment increase of 40%
Managed and integrated new Learning Management Systems, leading to better trackability and a reduction in course dropout rates by 20%
Harvard University June 2015 - April 2020
Curriculum Specialist
Implemented progressive curriculum changes in line with advancing educational technology, increasing student satisfaction by 30%
Lead initiatives in teacher training and development leading to a more efficient and updated teaching staff
Pursued aggressive research in new educational frameworks, updating departmental course outlines and increasing overall curriculum quality February 2011 - May 2015
Educational Consultant
Advised on strategies for staff development, resulting in a better-trained teaching body and utilization of current methodologies
Managed a variety of change management projects, resulting in smoother transitions to advanced educational systems
Involved in co-developing course content, improving learning experience and ensuring curriculum alignment
Resume Worded Academic Center May 2015
Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
The program focus was on the development of innovative teaching techniques and technologies.
Resume Worded University May 2011
Bachelor of Art - Education
Minors in Education Management and Multimedia Learning
Award: Dean's List 2010 and 2011
Curriculum Design: ADDIE Model, UbD Framework, Instructional Design Theory, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Learning Styles Theory, Mastery Learning
Technology: Microsoft Office Suite, Google Classroom, Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace, Distance Learning
Assessment and Evaluation: Formative Assessment, Summative Assessment, Authentic Assessment, Performance-Based Assessment, Diagnostic Testing
Certifications: Certified Curriculum Developer (CCD) - The Learning Resources Network, Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification (TEFL)
Awards: Award for Excellence in Curriculum Development - Harvard University, Outstanding Educational Consultant -
Publications: Authored a book 'Innovations in Curriculum Design', Published 15+ research papers on Educational Psychology and Curriculum Design
Your Name
Curriculum Developer
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •
Resume Worded March 2021 - Present
Lead Curriculum Designer
Revamped teaching approaches using a blend of traditional and digital teaching techniques resulting in a 20% increase in learner satisfaction
Mentored a high-performing team on leadership development, resulting in a 15% increase in productivity
Piloted a holistic revision of curriculum sequences leading to a more efficient instructional design
Lead projects on e-learning development, resulting in a broader student reach and increased course subscription rates by 35%
Executed continuous evaluation of course content efficacy, revamping teaching methodologies as necessary
Stanford University June 2017 - February 2021
Education Program Manager
Used research data to formulate advanced curriculum strategies to cater to varying student needs
Devised innovative training delivery system that led to increased student engagement and performance
Generated keen interest in adult education programs, bringing about a substantial increase in older participant enrollment May 2012 - May 2017
Education Consultant
Consulted on an array of personal development programs, boosting student self-efficacy and learning autonomy
Established effective change management strategies, ensuring seamless transition to digital learning systems
Assisted course designers in content creation, enhancing curriculum quality and relevance
Resume Worded Academic Center May 2011
Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction
Specialization in Adult Education and e-learning
Resume Worded University May 2007
Bachelor of Arts in Education
Graduated with Honors
Minor in Online Learning Strategies
Curriculum Development Platforms: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora Inspire, Camtasia, iSpring, Elucidat
Learning Management System (LMS): Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, Litmos, Docebo, Thinkific
Education Technologies: Turnitin, Google Classroom, Respondus, Quizlet, Kahoot, Edmodo
Your Name
Curriculum Specialist
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •
Resume Worded August 2018 - Present
Senior Curriculum Analyst
Spearheaded an innovative curriculum development project that effectively incorporated educational technology, resulting in a higher course registration rate
Conducted successful coaching and training sessions for junior members to foster a high-performing, efficient team
Pioneered new strategies for adult education, increasing portfolio coverage and attracting more mature learners
Streamlined educational leadership development program leading to more equipped department heads
Managed and implemented advanced learning management system, greatly increasing efficiency in tracking learning outcomes
MIT July 2013 - July 2018
Curriculum Coordinator
Promoted higher education programs, resulting in an increased student flow from undergraduate to postgraduate programs
Instrumental in staff development, ensuring frequent trainings and upskill sessions
Spearheaded extensive research into instructional design, improving course quality and learning experience June 2008 - June 2013
Educational Coach
Facilitated change management projects, aiding institutions in transitioning to more advanced learning systems
Involved in teacher training ensuring high-quality teaching standards
Provided valuable insights on developing impactful curriculum, increasing overall course content quality
Resume Worded Academic Center May 2013
Master of Education - Curriculum and Instruction
Specialized in Curriculum Design and Pedagogical Effectiveness
Resume Worded University June 2008
Bachelor of Education - English
Focused on literacy interventions and learning assessment strategies
Minored in Psychology
Curriculum Design Tools: InDesign, CAMS, Moodle, Blackboard, Litmos, BrainPOP, ProQuest
Instructional Methodologies: Backward Design, Understanding by Design (UbD), Differentiated Instruction, Inquiry-based Learning, Direct Instruction
Educational Software: Gradebook, Edmodo, Brightspace, AdminPlus, G Suite for Education, Canvas
Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Proficient), French (Basic)
Certifications: Certified Curriculum Developer (2018), Certified Educational Planner (CEP)
Awards: MIT Excellence in Education Award (2017), Outstanding Educator Award (2012)
Professional Development & Conferences: Attended ‘New Trends in Education Conference’ (2019), ‘National Summit on Curriculum Improvement’ (2015)
Volunteering: Volunteer Teacher - Literacy for All (2010 - Present), Organizer - Annual Education for All Drive (2009 - Present)
Your Name
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •
Resume Worded January 2017 - Present
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Pioneered unique teaching methodologies, resulting in a 20% improvement in teaching quality and 25% enhacement in student results.
Expedited transformational changes in curriculum and Instructional Design, resulting in a 15% increase in student reading and writing scores.
Implemented dynamic Classroom Management strategies, reducing discipline issues by 20%, and increasing student participation by 30%.
Launched a comprehensive Professional Development plan improving Teacher Training and resulting in a more engaged and efficient staff.
Drove the development and implementation of a holistic K-12 Education program driving a 10% rise in student performance.
Kaplan Test Prep May 2013 - December 2016
Instructional Supervisor
Led a robust team developing streamlined curriculum, resulting in increased pass rate by 10% and student satisfaction scores by 15%
Utilized modern E-Learning technologies, leading to improved student interaction and learning outcomes by 20%
Introduced a sophisticated Curriculum Mapping method, leading to a more efficient use of resources and a 10% increase in learning participation. August 2012 - April 2013
Curriculum Developer
Effectively incorporated Literacy programs in the curriculum, leading to a 20% increase in reading comprehension levels among primary students.
Spearheaded a team of curriculum developers, crafting an innovative lesson plan that resulted in a 10% rise in overall student results and teacher approval rating.
Resume Worded Institute May 2013
Master's of Education - Curriculum and Instruction
Awards: Excellence in Instructional Design (only 2 awarded yearly), Dean's List 2012 (Top 10%)
Resume Worded University May 2010
Bachelor of Arts - English Education
Minor in Instructional Technology
Certified in English Education (7-12 grade)
Curriculum Development: Curriculum Design, Backward Design, Standards Alignment, Common Core, Content Integration, Curriculum Evaluation
Teaching & Instruction: Diverse Learning Styles & Needs, Multicultural Education, Interactive Learning, Montessori Methods, Bloom's Taxonomy, Progress Monitoring
Technology: Microsoft Suite (Advanced), Google Classroom (Expert), Adobe Creative Suite (Intermediate), Canvas (Proficient), Blackboard (Proficient), Moodle (Proficient)
Instructional Design Models: ADDIE Model, SAM Model, Kemp Design Model, The Dick and Carey Design Model, Gagné's Nine Events of Instructions, Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy
Certifications: Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership from Harvard Graduate School of Education (2019), Project-Based Learning Certified Educator (2017)
Professional Development: Attended National Conference on Curriculum & Instruction annually, Regular participant in webinars on edtech integration
Leadership & Volunteering: Served as Chairperson on Curriculum Review Board (2017-2019), Volunteered as Tutor during summers in underserved communities
Projects: Designed and implemented comprehensive curriculum overhauls for three schools, leading to an average of 15% improvement in student test scores

How do I add skills to a Curriculum Manager resume?

Review the job posting closely.

Go through the Curriculum Manager posting you're applying to, and identify hard skills the company is looking for. For example, skills like E-Learning, Leadership Development and Curriculum Development are possible skills. These are skills you should try to include on your resume.

Add industry skills like Teaching and Higher Education.

Add other common skills from your industry - such as Educational Leadership, Staff Development and Adult Education - into your resume if they're relevant.

Add skills into your work experience.

Incorporate skills - like Learning Management Systems, Military Operations and Training Delivery - into your work experience too. This shows hiring managers that you have practical experience with these tools, techniques and skills.

Show examples of where you trained people.

On Curriculum Manager resumes, you should give specific accomplishments that involve you training others, whether that's in your team or other stakeholders.

Highlight leadership and management skills.

Hiring managers often want to see evidence of leadership and management on a Curriculum Manager resume, so try to include any examples of where you led a project or managed other people.

Use the exact job title.

Try to add the exact job title, Curriculum Manager, somewhere into your resume to get past resume screeners. See the infographic for how to do this.

Word Cloud for Curriculum Manager Skills & Keywords

The following word cloud highlights the most popular keywords that appear on Curriculum Manager job descriptions. The bigger the word, the more frequently it shows up on employer's job postings. If you have experience with these keywords, include them on your resume.

Top Curriculum Manager Skills and Keywords to Include On Your Resume

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top skills you should add to your Curriculum Manager resume?

On top Curriculum Manager resumes, skills like Curriculum Development, Staff Development, Educational Leadership, Adult Education, E-Learning, Higher Education, Leadership Development and Teaching appear most often.

Depending on the exact role you're applying to, skills like Training Delivery, Organizational Development, Military Operations, Learning Management Systems and Program Development can also be effective keywords to include on your resume.

Target your Resume to a Job Description

While the keywords above are a good indication of what skills you need on your resume, you should try to find additional keywords that are specific to the job. To do this, use the free Targeted Resume tool. It analyzes the job you are applying to and finds the most important keywords you need on your resume.

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