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Our AI-powered resume and LinkedIn optimization platform saves you time, increases efficiency, and enables you to help more clients achieve their career goals.

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Improve your clients resumes

  • Coach plans include unlimited access to the most advanced AI resume scanner. Get detailed, step-by-step feedback reports on your clients resumes.

  • Speed up your resume editing and review processes.

    Resume Worded allows you to grow your coaching business and help more clients in less time. Our AI-powered tools give you feedback on clients' resumes instantly, spotting and fixing their mistakes to ensure they get hired faster.

    This speeds up your internal resume and LinkedIn review processes, helps you establish standardized benchmarks and ultimately saves you time.

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  • Help your clients beat Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

    If you want to help your clients get interviews, you need a strategy to beat the applicant tracking systems (i.e. ATS).

    Most companies use resume screening software, or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), to quickly filter and rank the thousands of applicants that apply to each job. These software rank applicant resumes based on their relevancy to the job description.

    They do this by scanning resumes for specific skills and keywords. If your clients don't include critical keywords, they won't get very far in the application process.

    With Coach, you can run unlimited resume and job descriptions through our ATS tool (Targeted Resume), which will give you a list of keywords clients should add into their resumes. This not only gets them more interviews, but also significantly simplifies your process in finding relevant keywords.

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  • You can download these ATS keywords as an unbranded Excel file, that you can share with clients to allow them to add keywords themselves.

  • Identify issues on your clients' LinkedIn profiles. You'll also get access to our keyword finder tool that will help you search and find the specific keywords to add to your client profiles.

  • Optimize your client' LinkedIn profiles

    Resumes aren't the only things that need optimizing on a job search. LinkedIn profiles are more important than ever.

    However, most of your clients don’t take advantage of LinkedIn. Most profiles on LinkedIn are vague and aren’t optimized for what they’re looking for. This makes your clients' profiles harder to find and results in them missing out on opportunities. That's where our AI-powered engine comes in.

    With our LinkedIn optimization tool, we'll identify critical areas of improvement and give you tailored advice, backed up with detailed explanations and examples, on how to improve your clients' LinkedIn profiles.

    We have several coaches who have learned how to optimize LinkedIn profiles through our tool, and now offer a LinkedIn optimization service as an extra package, ranging from $200-$500.

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Proven to dramatically increase your efficiency and get your clients hired up to 5x faster. You'll also get...

Export and share reports

Download unlimited ATS scans in Excel (included). Export unbranded resume review reports as a PDF for a small fee.

300+ resume bullet points + templates

Speed up your resume writing process by our these resume bullet points to quickly write client resumes. Covers all industries and disciplines. You can download/share our professionally designed, ATS resume templates for your clients to use.

Give your clients access

We also have organizational options that enable your clients to get access to the tools directly, saving you even more time.

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